Wild goats Hunting
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Wild goats Hunting

Wild goat is a genus of mammals, hollow-horned ruminants. They are also called mountain goats, and those inhabiting Caucasus mountains — Turs. Males have large scimitar shaped horns, which may have prominent cross ridges on the front surface. The Ibex are exceptionally agile and hardy animals. They have an amazing sense of balance, precise movement coordination and sharp sight. Ibex are able to run across a sheer cliff and survive on sparse vegetation in the most remote and barren areas. Ibex inhabit the Northern hemisphere: the mountains of Europe, northern Africa, middle and southern Africa.


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Hunting in the mountains is a special passion and an excellent test of one's willpower and stamina. One has only to try this temptation once, and this magnet will pull you again and again.


Wild goat hunting always demands good physical training and stamina. The trophy males stay high in the mountains, and may inhabit altitudes of over 16,500 feet (5,000 meters). On top of that, all Ibex are wary animals. In order to harvest the desired trophy billie, the hunters often have to stay in the simple tents up in the mountains for many days, hike for many miles daily, or ride a horse for many hours a day, and bear all the pitfalls of the mountain weather.



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