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in Australia

Australia is a wonderful hunting destination: a high level of service combined with a great number of wild and pristine areas. Many of the hunting species have been introduced here since the XVIII century by the European settlers. These include the traditional game as the deer, wild oxen (banteng and water buffalo), and invasive species, such as rabbit/hare and wild pigs.



Hunting in Australia is legal all year round. However the most popular season for hunting lasts from April through September. During this period it is possible to harvest all game species inhabiting Australia, plus it is the most productive season for trophy hunting.



The city of arrival is Darwin (Northern Territory) or Brisbane (Kingham). Two domestic flights will be required to get to the hunting area from Darwin, followed by a car transfer. The car transfer from Brisbane lasts for about 2 hours.


You will hunt by spot-and-stalk in Australia. Once a fresh track is found, the stalk begins. For example, buffalo stalking may take up to several hours. The hunters, experienced in hunting the African buffalo, are often surprised by the power and resistance strength of the Australian bull.

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When hunting in the wild corners of Northern Territories, you will be accommodated in the large double tents. Each tent has beds, chairs, table, sink with a mirror and electricity (provided by a generator). The tents have an en-suite bathroom with a solar powered shower. There is a cook/manager at the camp.
In Kingham the hunters stay in a comfortable lodge with separate bedrooms, dining room and a deck for socializing. There is a cook and other staff on camp.

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Northern Territory: a large state, taking up around 1/6 of Australia. In the dry season its rivers form clean creeks that are a favorite habitat of buffalo, wild ox and wild boar.
Kingham: the private fenced hunting grounds, located in a valley between two rivers. The most convenient hunting destination in Australia – 10 out of 14 species living here are trophy game.


Feral goat
Red Deer
Javan Rusa Deer
Moluccan Rusa Deer
Hog Deer
Axis Deer
Water Buffalo
Feral Ox
Feral Boar


The endless arches of the Great Barrier Reef, with their white sand beaches and bustling underwater life, the postcard perfect paradise for surfers and divers, the national parks, waterfalls and stunning canyons, the sacred Aboriginal sites and a recognizable silhouette of the Sydney Opera – those are only a few reasons for coming to that part of the world. Oh, and not to mention the awesome fishing opportunities!


“If there is a sacred moment in the ethical pursuit of game, it is the moment you release the arrow or touch off the fatal shot.” Jim Posewitz

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum caliber for Water Buffalo hunting?

    The recommended minimum caliber for Water Buffalo is .375 H&H with a 300 grain bullet.

  • Is Australia a safe country?

    Australia is one of the most flourishing, stable and safe countries of the world. While in the wild one should avoid snakes, sharks, spiders and alligators, but the most dangerous is Australian sun. So please stay safe: watch your step and take a sun hat and sunscreen with you.

  • Is it necessary to get medical insurance prior to a hunting trip to Australia?

    Yes, the insurance is obligatory. The medical service is very expensive, and the insurance covers the urgent treatment.

  • What is the best time of the year to go to Australia?

    It is best to plan your hunt for April - September. At the same time, December through February is the most popular season for tourism in Australia. It is summer and the hot New Year holidays there.

  • Is smoking prohibited in Australia?

    No smoking is allowed in public places. Please use smoke rooms.

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