Hunting in Africa

Hunting in Africa

Hunting in Africa is an adventure that everyone should definitely experience at least once in their life. With the first step on this continent, a hunter remains forever captured by its beauty and diversity of the animal world.
For many years, Africa has been generously awarding its brave and passionate explorers with a wide variety of trophies: hunts for lions, buffalos, crocs, rhino, leopards, limitless antelopes – all these sound like sentences from an adventurous novel but now the novel is yours and it is you who is the main hero.

Keep on your journey across the African continent with us or let us share your first experience in the African wildlife world and we are sure that these memories will stay bright forever.


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“All I wanted to do was get back to Africa. We had not left it, yet, but when I would wake in the night I would lie, listening, homesick for it already. Now, looking out the tunnel of trees over the ravine at the sky with white clouds moving across in the wind, I loved the country so that I was happy as you are after you have been with a woman that you really love, when, empty, you feel it welling up again and there it is and you can never have it all and yet what there is, now, you can have, and you want more and more, to have, and be, and live in, to possess now again for always…” Ernest Hemingway, Green Hills of Africa

About hunting in Africa

Famous Big Five, plentiful African plains game safaris, visits to national parks – the range of Africa’s offers is very diverse and can easily satisfy even the most demanding hunter.
Hunting in Africa has its peculiarities and tricks. Our company team helps you to make the right choice of the country, hunting area and exact hunting season. Together we arrange the best hunting plan and schedule. We assist with all the logistics, gear lists and vaccination information.
If there is a need, we send our English-speaking guide with you. Our PH assist to cope with any difficulties of the hunt.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please, describe the booking process and do I need to make a deposit for the hunt in Africa?

    After fixing hunting terms and licenses availability, we sign the hunting contract and issue an invoice for the deposit. Trophy fees are sometimes included into the base rate, sometimes they are paid after the hunt, sometimes you need to deposit the trophy fees as well.

  • Do I need vaccination to enter all countries of Africa?

    You don't need vaccination for South Africa and Namibia. For the rest of the countries you need either special medicines or vaccination.

  • Can you arrange some tourism for me after my hunting?

    Yes, we do advise to combine hunting with some tourism in Africa. Upon your request we will arrange a touristic trip back to back with your hunting.

  • Is it safe to go hunting in Africa?

    The majority of African countries are totally safe for any type of tourism. After your arrival, company representatives will always be with you and will provide you with any kind of required assistance and support.

  • Is international flight included into the basic hunting rate?

    International and domestic flights are always extra. Their costs depend on your individual travel route, airline company and service type.


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