Hunting in America

Hunting in America

The American region includes both North and South Americas and covers basically all possible climatic zones, from the tropical rainforests to the Rocky mountains, from the perfect beaches of Brazil to the icy vastness of the Arctic belt. The Stalker Team is ready to be your trustworthy guide among the picturesque sceneries and choose exactly what you need among the bright kaleidoscope of destinations. We offer the best hunting grounds in both Americas, a wide choice of trophies, many of which can be harvested only in this part of the world, safety and comfortable accommodation.


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“There's only two places on earth where wildlife at a large scale has actually increased in the 20th century, and those are North America and southern Africa. Both of those models of conservation were built around hunting." Rosie Cooney, IUCN

About hunting in America

Thanks to the great variety of wild landscapes, the Americas are probably the most popular hunting destination in the whole world. Here you will find the outstanding big game hunts, impressive trophies such as Alaska moose, bears and bighorns, the unique puma hunting, and legendary wingshooting. We will take care of all necessary documentation, permits and licenses, book the best terms for you and arrange the most convenient itinerary to make sure your hunt in America goes smoothly and leaves only the best memories.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the hunting seasons same in South and North Americas?

    It all depends on the hunting species. However, generally the hunting season in North America lasts from the end of summer through spring, just like in Europe. In South America the hunting season starts in spring and lasts through summer.

  • Are there any introduced hunting species in the Americas?

    Most of the hunting species of South America are introduced. Only some rodents and wild pigs are endemic in the region. On the contrary, most of the Northern American species are endemic: deer, bear, sheep and turkey. The introduced species are only a few, hunting is allowed for most of them. Send us a request and we will offer the optimal hunting grounds to suit your needs.

  • Is it possible to combine hunting in the USA and Mexico, or in the USA and Canada?

    Yes, a combo hunt is possible and very successful. The availability of comfortable flights and many other types of transfer, including private jets for example, allows arriving very fast from one destination to another and collecting several species in one trip.

  • How many SCI awards can be issued for the trophies of South and North America?

    There are a total of 13 different slams and inner circles available. Send us a request and we will advise which of them you can get already and which other trophies you still need to harvest.

  • How many species of the White-tailed deer are there?

    The SCI lists 17 different species of a White-tailed deer in South and North America.


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