Wild Sheep Hunting
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Wild Sheep Hunting

Wild Sheep are even-toed hollow-horned ruminants. These are middle and large-sized animals, with Mouflon being the smallest species and Argali - the largest one. All mountain sheep have massive coiling horns of different types.These animals inhabit almost all alpine regions of the Northern hemisphere. Asia provides maximum species diversity: here the mountain sheep inhabit mountain chains of Caucasus, Pamir, Altai, Tian Shan, Himalaya etc.

The wild sheep have always played a great role for humanity and still remain a coveted trophy. Though the mountain sheep on average prefer to stay at the lower altitudes than the mountain goats, the mountain sheep stalk is an ultimate hunting experience.


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“There is no halfway. After his first exposure, a man is either a sheep hunter or he isn’t. He either falls under the spell of sheep hunting and sheep country or he won’t be caught dead on another sheep mountain.” Jack O’Connor


Mountain sheep are hunted by classic spot and stalk. Hunters are moving inside the areas on foot, horseback or by cars wherever it is possible. Hunts are often organized in the remote mountain regions in the tough weather and landscape conditions. Since sheep, these mountain dwellers, have acute eyesight, long distance shots are necessary. Average shooting distances while hunting mountain sheep is 200-500 meters/yards.



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