Wild Oxen Hunting
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Wild Oxen Hunting

Wild Oxen are medium to large-sized hollow-horned ungulates. Many of the species inhabit Asia, and there are also several inhabiting Europe, Africa and Northern America. Their body size and horn size and form varies greatly, as well as the length and thickness of their coat. For example, buffalos as a rule have thin coats and prefer marshland, while muskoxen live in the arctic conditions and their long fur almost touches the ground. However one thing remains constant — any wild ox is a great hunting game.


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“I don’t know what there is about buffalo that frightens me so. Lions and leopards and rhinos excite me but don’t frighten me. But that buff is so big and mean and ugly and hard to stop, and vindictive and cruel and surly and ornery. He looks like he hates you personally. He looks like you owe him money. He looks like he is hunting you.” Robert Ruark


Large horns have always attracted trophy hunters. Besides, most of the species are dangerous game due to their size and temper. For example, the African Buffalo is considered to be one of the most prestigious hunting trophies and is among the Big Five game animals of Africa, together with the elephant, rhino, lion and leopard. The wild oxen are usually hunted by spot and stalk. This hunt demands for a bull’s eye shot, as a wounded animal will attack instantly.



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