Hunting trips in Azerbaijan

Hunting trips

in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a country located at the boundary of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It offers remarkable hunting for the unique endemic species – the Eastern or Dagestan Tur. Tur hunting is a challenge, so be ready mentally and physically. For those who dare to come, these treed steep mountains shall prepare a gift of a long-desired trophy, and local professionals will make sure this is one of your best hunting memories.



Eastern Tur hunting in Azerbaijan is open June 1 - November 30.



Day 1

Arrival in Baku, customs formalities, overnight

Day 2

Ground transfer to Sсheki 3-4 hours, then 2 or 3-hour horseback transfer to the fly camp

Day 3-7

5-day hunt

Day 8

Return to Baku, stay overnight in the hotel

Day 9

Departure back home


It is a traditional spot-and-stalk hunt. Tur inhabits the mountains of Azerbaijan at the elevations between 7,500-11,500 feet (2,250-3,500 meters). Generally, the hunters search the trophy males on foot because the terrain is too steep to use horses. In this region, one can usually spot big groups of Tur, consisting of 20-100 animals, so you can expect to see a good number of animals and find a desired trophy Tur. Shooting distance totals around 150-350 yards (100-300 m).

best-tur-trophy hunt-azerbaijan-tur hunting-in-azerbaijan Hunt-Tur hunt-tur-in-azerbaijan


Base camp is a comfortable hunting house located at 5,800 feet (1,770 meters) above sea level. It has electrical generators. During the hunt, you will stay in the fly camp for 2-3 days. The camp consists of tents located at 9,900 feet (3,000 meters). The camping areas can be reached on horseback.

best-tur-camp hunting-in-azerbaijan hunt-tur-in-azerbaijan-accomodation tur-hunting-camp


Due to the diverse natural conditions, Azerbaijan formed a colorful animal kingdom. For many trophy hunters, the country's name is almost synonymous with the Dagestan Tur that inhabits the Caucasus Mountains. Sсheki area is located in the north of Azerbaijan; it is a hilly and picturesque region. The hunt takes part at 8,200-11,500 feet (2,500-3,500 meters).


East Caucasian Tur (Dagestan Tur)


Being a rather small country, Azerbaijan still offers a great variety of travel and sightseeing opportunities. Here you can find a bit of seaside vibes on the shores of the the Caspian Sea, explore stunning modern cities with the remarkable historical sites and a mixture of traditional and modern architecture, enjoy the unspoiled nature and admire the amazing landscapes, savor traditional cuisine and of course, rejoice the warm hospitality of this exceptional destination.


“There is a passion for hunting something deeply implanted in the human breast.” Charles Dickens

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a visa to enter Azerbaijan?

    Yes, you will need to apply for a visa in advance. Citizens of most countries can apply for an e-visa.

  • Is helicopter transfer possible in Azerbaijan?

    Yes, we can organize helicopter transfers to the hunting grounds upon your request.

  • Can I take my Tur trophy with me right away?

    No, officially it is not allowed. A 14-day quarantine is required, plus all necessary veterinary docs must be issued.

  • What other types of hunting are available in Azerbaijan?

    Azerbaijan offers great duck shooting.

  • Is bow hunting allowed in Azerbaijan?

    Yes, you can hunt with a bow in Azerbaijan.

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