Hunting trips in Kazakhstan

Hunting trips

in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is probably one of the top destinations for a hunting trip. It provides for a real hunting adventure and a unique Asian experience. Whether you aim for a majestic Maral, or a large Mid-Asian Ibex trophy, we have some of the best hunting grounds to offer.



Maral hunting season is from September 10 till October 30. The rutting time usually happens within the September 10-30 range.
Mid-Asian Ibex hunting season lasts from August 1 - December 31; and the best period is November - beginning of December.



Almaty is a city of arrival. From here you will be transferred to the hunting grounds by car. This transfer takes up to 12 hours, depending on the area. Please plan 5 hunting days to get a Mid-Asian Ibex trophy and 10 hunting days for Maral.


This is a classical mountain hunt organized at the altitudes of 6,500-11,500 feet (2,000-3,500 meters). Horses are used for transportation around the area, if terrain permits. Good physical conditions are required as a lot of hunt is done on foot in the steep mountains. Be prepared to spend several nights in the tented fly camps during the hunt (usually 2-4 days needed to bag a trophy). Average shooting distance is 300-350 meters/yards. Be ready for a long distance shot.

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Hunting lodges or yurts are used as a base camp. Tents are used for the fly camps.
A very comfortable hunting lodge is available as a base camp for the Mid-Asian Ibex hunting. During the hunt hunters will stay in the fly camp – large tent with cots and stove.

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Private hunting areas Tastau and Jasykol, located in Dzungarian AlaTau Mountains, are used for Maral hunting in Kazakhstan. The hunting grounds include around 37,000-50,000 hectares.
The Mid-Asian Ibex hunting territory is located in the Djambul region, 300 miles from Almaty. It is a prime area producing large Ibex trophies. The region borders Kyrgyzstan from the east and south.


Mid-Asian Ibex
Tian Shan Wapiti or Maral
Siberian Roe deer
Eurasian Wild Boar


Unwind in an ultimate Asian experience: meet the authentic nomadic culture, admire the architectural marvels of large Kazakhstan cities, enjoy the amazing traditional culture festivals and try the local gastronomy. Kazakhstan is one of the top 10 largest countries in the entire world and has a lot of touring activities to offer, and the locals are famous for their hospitality.


“You can see the true heart of a man when you’re out in the woods with a weapon.” Jase Robertson

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a visa to travel to Kazakhstan?

    Citizens of most countries will require a visa to enter Kazakhstan. E-visa service is available.

  • Can I harvest all the big game trophies of Kazakhstan in one trip?

    Yes, it is possible. We can organize a combo hunt for Siberian Roe deer, Mid-Asian Ibex and Maral.

  • How do you ship large Maral antlers?

    The large Maral antlers are usually cut in half along the skull to reduce the volume of the freight.

  • Is there a difference between hunting the Mid-Asian Ibex in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan? Which country is best?

    There is no significant difference in price or trophy size. We offer the best hunting grounds in both countries.

  • Will your company’s representative assist me during the hunt in Kazakhstan?

    Yes, our English-speaking representative will stay with you during the whole trip and will make sure everything goes smoothly.

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