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The Czech Republic is a country located in central Europe and known for its professional hunting management and centuries-old traditions. Czech offers a big variety of individual spot and stalk hunts as well as drivens of exceptional quality. High numbers of wild boars, red deers, fallow deers, mouflons in free range and fenced areas are at your disposal.
If you're looking for an excellent classic European pheasant or duck shooting, consider Czech as a good choice as well.



May 16 – September 30: European roe deer hunting
August 1 - January 15: Red deer hunting (September - the best time)
August 1 – December 31: European mouflon hunting (free range)
September 1 – December 31: European fallow deer (mid-October – the best time)

All year round: Wild boar hunting, European mouflon (fenced)
November – December: Pheasants
September – November: Ducks
November – December: Hairs
October – December: Wild geese



Day 1

Arrival to Prague, customs formalities, auto transfer to the hunting area around 2-3 hrs

Day 2-4

3-4 days of hunt depending on the species

Day 5

Returning back to Prague, stay overnight or flight back home


Majority of hunts in Czech are classic spot and stalk or waitings. For transportation inside the hunting grounds, we use good quality cars. Each hunter has local PH for assistance during the hunt.

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There are plenty of accommodation options in Czech from good quality comfortable three star hotels located right in the hunting areas up to exclusively managed Hunting Lodges with outstanding services, cuisine, wines and SPA for the hunter and their families.

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Hunting areas of Czech are very numerous and they are spread all over the country.
Areas near Hronov and Broumov are good for hunting roe deer, mouflons and wild boars. The Bohemian part of the Czech Republic with its unique landscape has excellent duck ponds and lakes.


European Red Deer
Eurasian Wild Boar
European Roe deer
European Fallow Deer


Due to professional wild game management, the Czech Republic succeeded in maintaining a quite dense and high quality population of hunting animals. For example, you can hunt one of the biggest European mouflons in the World.
The Czech also possess developed hunting industry infrastructure and succeed to maintain such a comfortable price range that will positively surprise you.


In matters like hunting and fishing and falconry, mentors are priceless. They teach you nuance, and detail, and what is really important. Charles Fergus

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is pheasant hunting available in the Czech Republic?

    Yes, the Czech Republic offers highly successful professional pheasant hunting. Groups include 7 to 10 hunters, 600-1000 birds are shot daily by a group.

  • Can you offer other types of fowling in Czechia?

    Yes, for example we can offer driven duck hunting. A group of beaters with dogs drive the birds toward the hunters. A group of 12-25 hunters harvests 500-1000+ ducks daily.

  • Is free range Mouflon hunting possible in the Czech Republic?

    Yes, it is. Czechia is one of a few European countries where there are free range hunting grounds holding wild populations of Mouflon, and also of Red stag, Fallow deer and Wild boar.

  • I want to take part in a driven hunt in Czechia, what is available?

    Driven hunting for Wild boar is available at the end of the season (December). The fenced areas also offer driven hunting for various hoofed mammals (Fallow deer, Red stag, Wild boar).

  • What is special about hunting for Mouflon in Czechia?

    This hunt is considered to be a rather difficult one. Mouflon is a wary animal and never stays in the same area. It is the only sheep that prefers to be active at night and inhabits thick woods. Usually it is hunted by spot and stalk. The most successful hunting period is at the end of winter, during the rut. Czechia constantly produces large trophies of Mouflon; their horns are very thick at the bases.

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