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For centuries, France has been a country that values and appreciates hunting as an important part of its national culture. Territory of France is rich in different kinds of landscapes and offers different hunting opportunities. In forested areas and fields, you can hunt red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar and mouflon. If you go to the mountains, you will find chamois paradise: Alpine chamois, Pyrenean chamois, Vercors chamois or Chartreuse chamois.
Wingshooting in France is highly professional as well.



September – January: Chamois hunting
September - February: European mouflon hunting, european deer hunting
June – November: European roe deer hunting
June – February: European fallow deer
October – December: Pheasant, partridge, duck hunting
September - February: French mainland Corsican mouflon and wild boar hunting



Day 1

Arrival in Paris/Geneva. Car transfer to the area (1.5-2 hour drive from Geneva or 6-7 hour from Paris). Accommodation and rest

Day 2-4

3-day hunt per each big game specie or 1-2 days for wingshooting

Day 5

Transfer back to Geneva or Paris, stay overnight or flight back home


In the mountains, the hunter proceeds on foot. The altitudes total around 3,300-5,900 feet (1,000-1,800 meters). The average shooting distance is 250-350 meters/yards. In the lowlands and forests we hunt by stalking, driven hunts are organized upon request.

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Accommodation type depends on the wish of a hunter and his family; it varies from standard hunting lodges and guesthouses up to luxurious hotels or medieval castles full of historical spirit of national character.

france-accommodation france-hunting-lodge hunting-camp-france hunting-lodge-in-france


Most of our hunts take place in the French Alps, in the Vercors and Chartreuse Mountains. “Gorge du Verdon”, one of Europe's most beautiful canyons, is also among our hunting areas that you can hunt.
Majority of hunting areas in France are open areas, especially if it is mountain hunting. For bigger trophies in definite time of the year, fenced areas are also used.


European Red Deer
Eurasian Wild Boar
European Roe deer
European Fallow Deer
Vercors Chamois
Pyrenean Chamois
Chartreuse Chamois
Alpine Chamois


France is one of the unique places of the world that offers so much to its visitors: unforgettable touristic opportunities and great hunting challenges, numerous gastronomic delights of amazing cuisine and French wines. It is one of the top destinations to arrive for family holidays.
You can easily combine hunting in France with any other European country hunt. To cut the story short – perfect destination for perfect memories.


“Europe is a very diverse place. You have a lot of different languages and legal traditions. What you see is Charlemagne taking a very diverse empire and forging a new aristocracy, in lots of ways, through legislation, assemblies, standardizing Christianity, but also by giving them the hunting culture. A Bavarian can look an Acquitanian in the eye and see a Frank there, because they are all part of the same culture.” Erik J. Goldberg

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which if the French mountain game species can be registered in the international hunting clubs?

    These are 4 species of Chamois and 2 species of Mouflon..

  • Can I combine hunting for different Chamois species in France?

    Yes, you can. The hunting areas are located close to each other, so transportation is fast and easy. The recommended period for the combination hunts lasts from the end of September till the end of December.

  • Is wingshooting available in France?

    Yes, it is. France offers hunting for duck, pheasant, partridge and woodcock.

  • Do I need a visa to visit France?

    Citizens of many countries do not need a visa. Please check if your country is on the list or send us a request.

  • What is the difference between Vercor and Chartreuse Chamois?

    Vercor Chamois inhabits only the Vercor mountains in the western Alps foothills. The Chartreuse Chamois lives only in the Chartreuse mountains in the south-east of France, to the west of the Alps. The species are divided according to their geographical distribution, there is no significant difference in their appearance.

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