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in Belarus

Belarus has been unknown by the world hunting community for a long time. However, it is a country with complete authenticity of wild animals, inhabiting its forests, swamps and fields.
There are no farms specialized in growing partridges, quails or hares here; the wild life by itself is rich in various species in their natural habitat. Hunting for European bison, roe deer, red deer, wild boar, hare, elk, wolf, partridge, geese, ducks, grouse and other animals – this is the key reason why true hunters appreciate the destination a lot!



October 01 - March 31: European bison hunting
September 01 - December 15: Moose hunting
May 15 – September 30: Roe deer hunting
May 15 - January 31: Wild boar hunting
September 01 - January 31: Red deer hunting



Day 1

Arrival to Minsk (capital of Belarus), customs formalities. Transfer to the hunting area 120-250 miles (200-400 km)

Day 2-4

Hunting (at average 2-3 days per specie)

Day 7

Transfer back to Minsk, departure or overnight in a hotel and departure next day


The way of hunting in Belarus varies depending on the trophy. We mainly practice classical spot and stalk hunt. Hunts from the high seat as well as driven hunts are also possible. We do Wolf hunts in winter using flags to mark the territory surrounded.

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There are some options of accommodations in Belarus, you stay at the local hotels not far from the hunting areas or we accommodate you in the hunting cabins located in the areas that are comfortable wooden houses with all the necessary facilities.

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The biggest bison herds live in Southwest of Belarus, around 180 miles (300 km) from Minsk. The best moose and roe deer areas are a bit more south-west, in Grodno and Brest regions, as well as in the north of the country.
Wild Boar and Wolf hunting is done all over the country.


European Bison Eastern
Eurasian Wild Boar
European Roe deer
European Fallow Deer
European Moose
European Red Deer


Belarus is a nice place to spend some days enjoying your hunt and some tourism around. You can visit numerous beautiful national parks by joining an eco-tour or by visiting a national park museum.
Depending on your wish, we can combine your hunt in Belarus with any other hunt in Europe by creating a special tailor-made hunting program for you.


“Fortunately, as it pertains to guns, my dad and uncle introduced me to guns the way it needs to be done: smart, slow and safe.”— Ted Nugent

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a visa to Belarus?

    Most foreign travelers need a visa to come to Belarus. However there are simplified procedures available for citizens of many countries.

  • What is the difference between the North American Bison and European Bison?

    The European Bison is a bit taller animal with longer legs and tail, and longer and straighter horns. It has shorter hair on its neck, head, and forequarters than the American Bison. Its tail is bushy. The European Bison also has a shorter back.

  • When is the best time for a Wisent hunt?

    The best period starts from the end of January and last through February. At this time of the year the Wisent has the best winter coat which makes your trophy look beautiful.

  • Which caliber is good for European Bison hunting?

    We recommend taking a .375 caliber and similar, because it is a massive and tough animal.

  • Can I bring a night vision optics with me?

    Yes, night sight is recommended for European Bison hunting, because this animal is active during the twilight.

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