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The best Dagestan Tur trophy taken by a European Hunter in the GSCO European trophy competition!

Congratulations to our hunter Mr. Salvatore L.! His Dagestan Tur trophy took 1st place in the GSCO European trophy competition! Mr. Salvatore trophy is the winner for the INTERNATIONAL CAPRA category, one of the most contested ones. It is a very well deserved and an honorary award for a worthy trophy and we are proud to stand behind this hunt.
Moreover, Mr. Salvatore L. is a nominee of the Carlo Caldesi Award by Holland & Holland, as his Dagestan Tur trophy has been selected among the 20 best trophies for Award 2024.
The Carlo Caldesi Award honors the best big game trophy, in terms of difficulty of the hunt, rarity and score of the trophy, taken in one particular year. We wish him good luck in the competition!

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