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in Great Britain

Hunting traditions and culture of Great Britain stretch back to the olden times. Through the centuries, this country formed very special and unique native habitats and a specific game management approach. We offer hunting in England and Scotland, famous for its marvelous deer hunting. Besides it, Great Britain is well known for exceptional wingshooting: pheasant and partridge hunting is very popular here, both the driven hunting and hunting with dogs.



1 April - end of October: Roe deer hunting
1 July - end of October: Red deer and Sika deer hunting
1 August - 30 April: Fallow deer hunting
All year round: Muntjac hunting



If you plan to hunt in England, then London should be your city of arrival. Choose Edinburgh and Glasgow if you are going to Scotland. All of them are served by daily direct scheduled flights from many European cities, Canada and the USA. The length of stay in England usually totals 5 days, with a 3-day hunt. Plan to spend 5-8 days in Scotland, with 3-6 of them hunting.


The hunt is mainly organized within the morning and evening hours, with a lunch back at your hotel. A professional guide will accompany you during the hunt. Hunting is by spot and stalk or from a high seat. Sometimes driven hunts are available.

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A great choice of options is available: from small hotels for single hunters and self-catered cottages for a group of three and more to the luxury accommodation in a real castle located near the hunting grounds.

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The hunt is organized in the best state and private hunting grounds. The hunting areas can be free range or vast fenced territories, depending on the species. In England you will hunt in forests, field woodlands, meadowlands and farmlands. In Scotland locations vary from rich pasture land and woodlands to remote and isolated mountainous terrain.


Axis Deer
Barasingha Deer
Hog Deer
Japanese Sika Deer
Manchurian Sika Deer
Pere David Deer
European Fallow Deer
Reeves Muntjac or Chinese Muntjac or Barking Deer
English Red Deer
Scottish Red Deer
White Red Deer
European Roe deer


Great Britain is a top tourist destination. It is a country of a great variety of historical and architectural sights and a motherland of Shakespeare, The Beatles, and Robin Hood. While you enjoy the top class hunting, your family can have a good time shopping in London or sightseeing in the heart of the country. After the hunt you and yours can explore ancient castles, go on a whale watching cruise, see local malt whisky being made or delight in some entrancing garden.


To my mind, there is a peculiar fascination in hunting the mule deer. By the time hunting season has arrived the buck is no longer the slinking beast of the thicket, but a bold and yet wary dweller in the uplands. Theodore Roosevelt

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a visa required to go hunting in Great Britain?

    European citizens can enter Britain with a passport, without a visa. Citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States can enter on a passport as well. Citizens of other countries require a Visa which they can get from the British Consulate in their country.

  • Which period is the best for Roe deer and Red stag hunting in England?

    The best chance to get a large trophy is during the rut. It is September - October for the Red stag and end of July - beginning of August for the Roe deer. Another great period for Roe deer hunting is May through June.

  • Which gear is a must during deer hunting in Scotland?

    Rain gear is a must and should be of the highest quality.

  • How many trophies of a red stag is it possible to harvest in one trip to Scotland?

    During the rut it is possible to shoot 10 or more stags in a week in some territories with a single professional hunter. It is best to share such a trip with a friend or two. Large groups of 6 to 10 hunters wishing to stalk 2 or 3 stags each are also welcome during the rut, but early booking is required.

  • What is the maximum group size for the roe deer hunting in Scotland?

    The group can consist of up to 4 hunters in one district using 2 hunting areas.

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