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Our hunter Yury has knocked down a giant first-class elephant with a tusk totaling 98 pounds!

Mozambique, November. Western part of the country. 4 days of trekking gone in vain. The poachers burnt all the dry grass and scared away the game. The only chance left is to thoroughly check every water hole.

Every day of the safari started with new worries and new hopes. Then, all of a sudden, the hunting team ran into a small group of males. This elephant was seen from a distance with all the foliage hiding his size. Everything happened as quick as a wink: a maximum approach, a fast estimation while the elephants stopped for a second, the heart pounds, and the PH gasps as he sizes up the power, sight the weapon... and a perfect shot!

You know, there is everything we need in the unmeasured and abundant Universe. Let the Stalker Team give you a piece of advice: don't be shy to ask for more!

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