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Kazakhstan: Mountain Hunt for Siberian Roebuck?!

What do you know about Kazakhstan trophies? Many people will name the astonishing Maral and marvelous Mid-Asian Ibex. However, there is one more beautiful trophy species of Kazakhstan, undeservedly forgotten bу many. That is the Siberian Roe deer or Asian Roe deer.

Hunting for the Roebuck in Kazakhstan is quite different from what you usually expect. This is a real mountain hunt, with altitudes of 4,900-8,200 feet (1,500-2,500 meters) and tent camps involved, with horseback riding and a lot of hiking in the mountainous woods and bush required. Wow, now that is different, isn't it?!

The Siberian Roebuck has larger antlers with more branches than those of European roe deer and inhabits basically all suitable territories of Kazakhstan. This kind of hunting is great fun and also makes a perfect back-to-back combination with Tian Shan Maral or Mid-Asian Ibex hunt in Kazakhstan.

Real mountain hunting, experienced guides, hearty meals, supported with trophies averaging 650-700 grams, a chance to experience Asian culture, easy customs procedures and gorgeous nature sum up for a terrific trip!

Early bird gets the best camp! Send us a request and get all the details!

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