Will Coronavirus pandemic affect international trophy hunting? It already had. I just saw someone use BC to mean “Before Corona”, and I think it shows perfectly how the world is changing today. Seems like we simply woke up to a new reality. We’ve lost the whole spring season due to the lockdowns all over the world: so many trips cancelled, so many licenses unused. It has affected both Russian hunting camps and Russian international hunters.

Now with the world beginning to ease its way out of a strict lockdown, many businesses prepare to restart operations while maintaining ongoing social distancing rules. We can only make a wild guess for how long the pandemic will affect the international hunting, as the key word is international, meaning that travelling is involved. International organizations are predicting a drop of 40 to 70% in international travel. First, we must wait until the moment when all countries open their boundaries again not only for the necessary travel, but for the leisure tourism, too.

The world will probably first need a good vaccine against the coronavirus or an effective treatment before the active travel starts again. Even after the boundaries are unlocked, there still will be many questions about the way we travel in this new world. How will the travel industry guarantee safety? Will the aircompanies demand only half of the plane to be filled, basically meaning that we have to pay double price for the ticket? Will we need to stay under quarantine upon arriving to another country?

Good thing that trophy hunting is not a mass tourism anyways, and you spend most of your time basically isolated together with your hunting team somewhere deep in the woods or in the mountains. Bad thing that high prices and quarantine terms might prevent many of hunters from travelling. The only thing that can be easily predicted now is that all of us will use insurance. It is not likely that outfitters will make 100% refunds again, as many of them did this year. Thus, we highly recommend insuring against trip cancellation or interruption when planning your next hunting travel. Besides, regular medical insurance becomes way more important these days. And lets all just hope that our next hunts happen soon, and we do not have to claim those insurances!

Dear Hunters and Friends!

With many countries being wracked by the Covid-19 eruptions, it is so important to stay safe, avoid unnecessary stress, remain in touch while avoiding actual touching and be optimistic. Though this is going to be quite a tough time for many companies, we want to assure you that all agreements will be satisfied, all bookings transferred to the next season and we will be there to provide the high quality services for you once the boundaries are open again.

Stay safe, wash your hands and look for the positive points - those trophies waiting for you will grow even bigger, the undisturbed populations will become even less timid and the trip itself will be so much more desired for. Wishing all of you good health!

Your Stalkers

We would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy upcoming New Year!

The friendly family of Stalker Group will be more than happy to welcome you in our booths at the hunting conventions, in our Moscow office or in any of our hunting destinations next year. We are always glad to help you out, chat with you and give a piece of advice. So, even if you are not going to hunt with us, please do not hesitate to stop by have a good gossip or share your recent hunting adventures.

Thank you for rating our professional qualities and our hospitality highly this year and come visit us again – to squeeze our hands or give us a high five, we are always happy to see you! Sending our best to all of you: those calm or explosive; those understanding or battlesome; cheerful and reckless adventurists!

Now let’s begin the fun!

One of the most dynamic and diverse hunting shows, the SCI’s Annual Convention, will start on the 5th of February and last for four days. This hunters’ heaven occupies over 452,000 square feet of exhibit space; and Stalker Group Team will also be there!

We will be more than happy to meet our old friends and to make new ones, to share our experience firsthand and to provide the most copious information about our hunting destinations. To make our social even more advantageous we are glad to offer our hunters a special Convention Discount of 10 percent.

Join us February 5 - 8, 2020, in Reno, Nevada – our booth number is 2856.

The planet Earth is densely populated with bears. The Brown and Polar bears are not the only species – there so many more colors and shades in fact. Kamchatka Brown bear is one of the darkest ones, same as the North American Grizzly. Polar or White bear is the biggest of all. Siberian Brown bear is a bit larger than the European one. Himalayan bear inhabits Siberia too, but it is a smaller species, black with a pronounced white collar. Black American bear is a small species with a stretched out neb. Small Caucasian bear usually has fair fur, as if faded in the Southern sun. Carpathian bear also inhabits mountains and valleys, but it is a bit heavier than Caucasian mountain bear. Thus, if you are eager to collect all of them, just give us a list and we will provide best hunting destinations all over the world.

Today, we’d like say a couple words about the European Bear hunt near Saint-Petersburg. This species lives very close to the large cities, but still inhabits the warrens. A good trophy skin would measure 190-200 centimeters. 170-180 cm trophy is also acceptable. Regardless of size, this will be a well deserved trophy anyways, because this hunt demands for a lot of time spent stalking and a lot of patience for waiting. In the fall we hunt from the high seats located at the oat fields. The hunter needs to arrive to the spot before darkness – at about 6 pm. Once you are there, get ready for the endless 4-5 hours of silent waiting without moving, with the temperatures around 0 °С! What a silent act of heroism!

If the bears do not come out to the fields for some reason, then it is time to try baiting. Apples, corn, smelly animal waste or even fresh wild boar skins are used to attract the Master of Forest. Abundance of nuts and berries in the woods might feed the bears well and spoil the hunt. Rains and winds either are no good for the process.

If the bears come out to feed on the oats, one needs quite some time to take a close look at the potential trophy size. The oats grow high and are a good cover for the game, therefore some illusions can easily appear in the dark regarding the real size of the bear. It is very easily to mistake a small one for the large trophy. The guides would warn you if it’s not big enough, but to the hot-tempered hunter it might seem an ok size one. After long hours of waiting your emotions might play an evil joke. That is why it is very important to listen to your guide no matter how much experience you have with the bears. Besides that, Bear is a serious and mighty animal; it is good to read more about its behavior prior to the hunting trip. Anyways, our guides are always there to help and we will surely show the best backwoods to you.