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The Coveted Trophies of Tajikistan

Eager to seize a pearl among the mountain sheep, hunters travel across the world to one of the most remote and barren spots of our planet – the mountains of Tajikistan. Our hunters came from Nepal and Zambia in search of this superb trophy.

Due to the high altitudes of 13,000-16,500 feet (4,000-5,000 meters), even the easy terrain becomes a tough challenge because of the lack of oxygen there. Congratulations to our riflemen, who got two majestic Marco Polo trophies.

An outstanding Pamir Ibex trophy, measuring over 47 inches (121 cm), became an icing on the cake. Then a Wolf hunt completed the ultimate Tajikistan hunting experience for our guys.

argali-trophy argali-group-tajikistan argali-trophy-tajikistan hunting-car-tajikistan pamir-ibex-tajikistan

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