Does the trip abroad now resemble the game of chance, where the losings mean the infecting? The whole world is divided into red and green countries and zones. Thanks heavens this is not a political division, but only the epidemiological. One can remain healthy due to personal precautions (or pure luck?), but still live in the red zone city or country. Meanwhile our souls call for actions, trips and hunting, our bodies call for those mountains and savannahs.

So, what is green in the world at the moment? Most of African countries remain green. Turkish Airlines allow to reach many of them via Istanbul: Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia, Cameroon, Uganda – all on our spring hunting menu! Emirates also allow transiting with guns.

Green Asia welcomes the mountain hunters – Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan. Take your last chance to make it on time before the end of this winter and spring season. North America, New Zealand, Australia remain red and are not ready to welcome foreign travelers. But we do hope that Russian Federation will open the borders very soon. Hunting has always been about some risk and overcoming difficulties. Fortune favors the brave, and those who will become first to travel will skin the cream off: it is the opportunity to hunt among the first ones in the areas that remained closed for over a year, with the game not scared and not scarce.

Also, the moment provides for a great opportunity to get a large discount and get those rare licenses. Time for unsurpassed offers! We are the stalkers, and we’ll guide you even in this new after-Covid world.

This New Year we’d like to thank you for your attention and trust, for all the unforgettable moments we’ve lived together.

From the entire STALKER team, we would like wishing YOU to make new discoveries and new travels, to live out the most courageous ideas and to achieve all the goals.

We wish all of us opened borders, hugs and hearts!

Stalker is always by your side as a reliable partner and long-standing friend.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


It’s been over four months already since the World Health Organization announced the new pandemic and countries all over the world began to shut their borders. Now the restrictions tend to lift slowly. Many hunters and travelers all over the world are eagerly waiting for the return of “normal” life and transportation. However, WHO keeps on reminding us about the possible second wave of Corona. Keeping this in mind, it would be very helpful to know your insurance options before you travel. Even if you do not believe in the whole Corona thing, or you have already recovered from the disease, we strongly recommend you to spend some time for research, as you will still need insurance to get your foreign visa and to buy your safari – for many countries it is a must now.

It might be very helpful to consider several different insurers before choosing the one. At the moment many companies tend to reject insuring international travelers to avoid possible high risks, so it is better to call your insurance provider and find out what is covered by your package. For example, some companies may delay applications if you've recently traveled around or had close contact with someone who was tested positive with COVID-19. Others will consider your age as a risk factor for disease.

From our side, we would like to recommend one of our partners, the Global Rescue company. They have included COVID-19 associated risks in their products. Clients can cancel their trip for any reason not otherwise covered by the policy. Benefits will be paid for 75% of the non-refundable payments or deposits clients paid for their trip. IMG Signature and Signature Plus products include coverage for CV19 before or during the trip. The only item in question would be evacuation because the Company would be bound to adhere to Government regulations in the destination country.

To find out more about the Global Rescue products, please visit their web page by clicking on the logo.

We are always happy to get feedback from our clients.

It becomes even more of value in these hard times, while we continue working for you.

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"Trophies arrived last night. They are truly outstanding. I love both bears. I have already put Siberian bear in my office. Taxidermy is much better than US. Thank you so much!"

Our Trophy department is always there for you providing all kind of taxidermy services.

Will Coronavirus pandemic affect international trophy hunting? It already had. I just saw someone use BC to mean “Before Corona”, and I think it shows perfectly how the world is changing today. Seems like we simply woke up to a new reality. We’ve lost the whole spring season due to the lockdowns all over the world: so many trips cancelled, so many licenses unused. It has affected both Russian hunting camps and Russian international hunters.

Now with the world beginning to ease its way out of a strict lockdown, many businesses prepare to restart operations while maintaining ongoing social distancing rules. We can only make a wild guess for how long the pandemic will affect the international hunting, as the key word is international, meaning that travelling is involved. International organizations are predicting a drop of 40 to 70% in international travel. First, we must wait until the moment when all countries open their boundaries again not only for the necessary travel, but for the leisure tourism, too.

The world will probably first need a good vaccine against the coronavirus or an effective treatment before the active travel starts again. Even after the boundaries are unlocked, there still will be many questions about the way we travel in this new world. How will the travel industry guarantee safety? Will the aircompanies demand only half of the plane to be filled, basically meaning that we have to pay double price for the ticket? Will we need to stay under quarantine upon arriving to another country?

Good thing that trophy hunting is not a mass tourism anyways, and you spend most of your time basically isolated together with your hunting team somewhere deep in the woods or in the mountains. Bad thing that high prices and quarantine terms might prevent many of hunters from travelling. The only thing that can be easily predicted now is that all of us will use insurance. It is not likely that outfitters will make 100% refunds again, as many of them did this year. Thus, we highly recommend insuring against trip cancellation or interruption when planning your next hunting travel. Besides, regular medical insurance becomes way more important these days. And lets all just hope that our next hunts happen soon, and we do not have to claim those insurances!