Russia is a country with beautiful landscape, historic architecture, and great resources. It is a country with the long and unique history. You will explore a new part of the world and meet great people here. Besides, being the largest country in the world, inhabited by 320 mammal species and 730 bird species, Russia is one of the greatest hunting nations. We are glad to welcome you for the Lynx hunt. It is an opportunity to enjoy traditional hospitality and take part in a traditional Russian winter hunt. This is a spectacular hunt. You will put on skis and hunt with dogs in the beautiful forest bound with shiny-white snow. Take a chance and enjoy this great hunting experience.

Hunting season




Head and body length 31-51 inches (79-130 cm). Tail length 4-8 inches (10-20 cm). Shoulder height 24-30 inches (61-76 cm). Weight 40-55 pounds (18-25 kg). Lynx is a very beautiful animal. It is a medium-sized cat with tufted ears, pronounced cheek ruffs, long legs, very large feet, and a very short tail with a black tip. Its coat is usually yellowish-brown often with a pattern of dark spots. The winter coat is long, soft and thick. Paws are thickly furred for walking in snow. Females are similar to males but smaller.

Hunting territory

Vologda region

Vologda region

Located at the north-west of European part of Russia. The distance between Vologda and Moscow is 443 km (276 miles). It is a lowland plain with a lot of lakes, rivers and bogs. The region has many low ridges and hills. The climate is moderately continental with long moderately cold winter and short warm summer. The average winter temperature is 14 F (-10 C). Forests cover up to 75% of the territory. Over the half of them are softwood forests.

Kirov region

Kirov region

Located at the central-western European part of Russia. The distance between Moscow and Kirov is 896 km (557 miles). The climate is moderately continental. Occasional extreme frosts in winter and low temperatures in summer may occur due to closeness to the Arctic Ocean. The average winter temperature is 10 F (-12 C). The territory is covered with low hills. There are a lot of rivers and lakes. The forests cover over the half of the area.



Hunting is pretty hard and very interesting. Lynx is a very wary animal. The best way to hunt this cat is to use the specially trained dogs. They can make Lynx to climb up a tree and make it remain there until the hunter catches up. Snowmobiles are used for transportation around the area but once the track is seen you will need to follow the dogs on skis.


First you need to arrive to the capital of Russia – Moscow. There are daily flights to Moscow from all major European capitals, United States, Australia and other Asian travel centers. After finishing all custom formalities you will head for your hunting destination, accompanied by our representative. You will need to take a train to Vologda or Kirov (9-13 hours), then you will be transferred by a car to the hunting area.


Different hunting houses are available

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