Does the trip abroad now resemble the game of chance, where the losings mean the infecting? The whole world is divided into red and green countries and zones. Thanks heavens this is not a political division, but only the epidemiological. One can remain healthy due to personal precautions (or pure luck?), but still live in the red zone city or country. Meanwhile our souls call for actions, trips and hunting, our bodies call for those mountains and savannahs.

So, what is green in the world at the moment? Most of African countries remain green. Turkish Airlines allow to reach many of them via Istanbul: Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia, Cameroon, Uganda – all on our spring hunting menu! Emirates also allow transiting with guns.

Green Asia welcomes the mountain hunters – Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan. Take your last chance to make it on time before the end of this winter and spring season. North America, New Zealand, Australia remain red and are not ready to welcome foreign travelers. But we do hope that Russian Federation will open the borders very soon. Hunting has always been about some risk and overcoming difficulties. Fortune favors the brave, and those who will become first to travel will skin the cream off: it is the opportunity to hunt among the first ones in the areas that remained closed for over a year, with the game not scared and not scarce.

Also, the moment provides for a great opportunity to get a large discount and get those rare licenses. Time for unsurpassed offers! We are the stalkers, and we’ll guide you even in this new after-Covid world.