It’s been over four months already since the World Health Organization announced the new pandemic and countries all over the world began to shut their borders. Now the restrictions tend to lift slowly. Many hunters and travelers all over the world are eagerly waiting for the return of “normal” life and transportation. However, WHO keeps on reminding us about the possible second wave of Corona. Keeping this in mind, it would be very helpful to know your insurance options before you travel. Even if you do not believe in the whole Corona thing, or you have already recovered from the disease, we strongly recommend you to spend some time for research, as you will still need insurance to get your foreign visa and to buy your safari – for many countries it is a must now.

It might be very helpful to consider several different insurers before choosing the one. At the moment many companies tend to reject insuring international travelers to avoid possible high risks, so it is better to call your insurance provider and find out what is covered by your package. For example, some companies may delay applications if you've recently traveled around or had close contact with someone who was tested positive with COVID-19. Others will consider your age as a risk factor for disease.

From our side, we would like to recommend one of our partners, the Global Rescue company. They have included COVID-19 associated risks in their products. Clients can cancel their trip for any reason not otherwise covered by the policy. Benefits will be paid for 75% of the non-refundable payments or deposits clients paid for their trip. IMG Signature and Signature Plus products include coverage for CV19 before or during the trip. The only item in question would be evacuation because the Company would be bound to adhere to Government regulations in the destination country.

To find out more about the Global Rescue products, please visit their web page by clicking on the logo.