Will Coronavirus pandemic affect international trophy hunting? It already had. I just saw someone use BC to mean “Before Corona”, and I think it shows perfectly how the world is changing today. Seems like we simply woke up to a new reality. We’ve lost the whole spring season due to the lockdowns all over the world: so many trips cancelled, so many licenses unused. It has affected both Russian hunting camps and Russian international hunters.

Now with the world beginning to ease its way out of a strict lockdown, many businesses prepare to restart operations while maintaining ongoing social distancing rules. We can only make a wild guess for how long the pandemic will affect the international hunting, as the key word is international, meaning that travelling is involved. International organizations are predicting a drop of 40 to 70% in international travel. First, we must wait until the moment when all countries open their boundaries again not only for the necessary travel, but for the leisure tourism, too.

The world will probably first need a good vaccine against the coronavirus or an effective treatment before the active travel starts again. Even after the boundaries are unlocked, there still will be many questions about the way we travel in this new world. How will the travel industry guarantee safety? Will the aircompanies demand only half of the plane to be filled, basically meaning that we have to pay double price for the ticket? Will we need to stay under quarantine upon arriving to another country?

Good thing that trophy hunting is not a mass tourism anyways, and you spend most of your time basically isolated together with your hunting team somewhere deep in the woods or in the mountains. Bad thing that high prices and quarantine terms might prevent many of hunters from travelling. The only thing that can be easily predicted now is that all of us will use insurance. It is not likely that outfitters will make 100% refunds again, as many of them did this year. Thus, we highly recommend insuring against trip cancellation or interruption when planning your next hunting travel. Besides, regular medical insurance becomes way more important these days. And lets all just hope that our next hunts happen soon, and we do not have to claim those insurances!