Being a hunting department manager for many years, I still surprise myself each time when the unforeseen events happen during the hunt. Before sending you to conquer mountains or savannah, we do our best to provide full info about the weather, insects, possible diseases and medications in the specific region, local hunting methods, transfer duration, customs procedures, flight options and many more details. However still quite often something occurs during the hunt, and one needs to be ready to react. That is why however large is the geography of our hunters’ travels, we aim to share or test all trips in order to experience all options first hand. The Stalkers have been on hunts in every part of the world: from Australia to Alaska, from Vladivostok to Tehran, from Kilimajaro to Everest. We are there together with you in the tents, in the sleeping bags under the starry sky, in the sheepcotes and winter cabins, in the luxury lodges and modest chalets. We are there stalking with you on the snowmobiles and on the horseback, by foot and crawling in the mud. We broaden our skill set to avoid as many pitfalls as possible, and to raise the number of pleasant surprises. We love it when you are safe, enjoy your food, feel warm and comfortable.

Let’s say, you opt for Asia. It means you need a sanitizer, medications to treat stomach upset, a lot of small cash and a load of patience. If you go for a mountain hunt in Asia, get dressed even warmer than you first planned. Do not hesitate to express yourself in pantomime when communicating with the local guides and better behave in maximum friendly manner. Take your personal fork and spoon or multitool and a personal flask.

If you are heading to Africa, especially closer to the equator, better take a personal camelback with you. Most of the times you will spend a whole day in the fields, and there will be only one water flask for the whole group and no plastic cups available. Set your mind ready to spend more days in a remote hunting lodge between Cameroon and Congo due to politic mayhem in one of the banana republics. The charter might be delayed and you might have to spend 12-18 hours on a car transfer, shaking on a bumpy road covered allover with the omnipresent red dust. Bring along a lot of repellents and be patient with your PH, even if his actions seem weird to you. He is local and he earns a living with hunting, that meaning he sometimes has more skin in the game than even you do.

In America the hunter has to be ready to take care of himself: carry the bags and the gun, follow the guide quickly, eat the inedible sublimates and 99-cent cardboard bread, not to mention the chocolate bars consisting of plain sugar, and… SMILE.

In Europe, to our thinking, no one is ever in a hurry. In the morning the guides will slowly and thoroughly fill in the papers. Safety arrangements first! More time will be spend in the evening – traditional trophy layout in a certain order, a branch in the mouth for a decent photo, letter of law goes ahead of the process. Don’t hurry, everything will be finished on time…

Russia... Well, in this country a hunter might encounter all of the above and even more due to local lack of organization. The best way to cope would be not to line up any expectations and just enjoy the process. Do not scold any country’s system – all of those do work for the specific destination. Listen and watch. And pursue the goal – it will bring you through. As the ancients used to say, per Aspera ad Astra.