This year we would like to offer a new destination for those of you seeking for a great quality Eastern Tur and welcome you in the mountains of Dagestan. The very name of Dagestan or Eastern Tur prompts that that is the land of Tur. But what about the choice between coming to Dagestan or to the other destinations?

Let’s see: The hunt in Dagestan was closed for quite long time. This allowed the local population to grow in size and for some record rams to appear. We also need to keep in mind that the hunting region lies just across the mountain ridge to the infamous Shcheki in Azerbaijan. Which once was very productive in trophy Turs. Now, the hunt in Azerbaijan provides for a large press towards the species, which makes many animals to migrate in search for the quiet areas to dwell. Since the Turs do not need visas and passports, they travel freely across the borders, thus enriching the Dagestan population each year.

Starting with the last season, the hunting grounds were allocated, and now we would like to offer hunting in the great private section, which has shown fantastic results last year. Do not worry about security and service – these are maintained at a great level.

The arrival point is Mahachkala, which is within a 2.5-hour flight from Moscow. We will meet you in Moscow and starting from there our representative will accompany you during the whole hunt, helping you with the customs and ensuring you are safe and have a remarkable hunting experience. The season last from August to the end of November. Contact us for more details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.