What is one thing that the modern-day men and women lack, especially those living in the harsh tempo of a large urban center? It is TIME.

There are too many concerns on our plate: career/work/business, costs, family, personal growth, sports and hobbies and many more. We’ve got to somehow squeeze all of it in the short amount of time we possess – be that a life, a year, one morning, an hour – slipping away and never coming back – the irreplaceable assets we really ought to save. That is why time saving technics loom large today. Look around and you will see numerous rapid- and quick- offers. Almost any industry has those: overnight delivery, rapid tests, fast food, crash courses, banking, manicure at the airport…. The list could go forever, and all of these are in demand. Well, we keep up with the times and offer you the quick hunting packages. That doesn’t mean, or course, that you’ll need to run around the field and set your weapon on repeat fire. That is what we call the weekend hunt.

Have some work to do in Europe, Asia or Russia? Take a day off in the end of the week and enjoy your favorite amusement. We will take care about all procedures and save your time. In Europe you can easily bag large game on a weekend: deer, ibex, wild boar, fallow deer, roe deer. We can also organize bird hunting in Scotland, Sweden, Iceland: goose, duck, pigeon. Asia can offer some fowl hunting, for example duck hunts in Azerbaijan. Arab Emirates become a fancy weekend destination providing for the sand gazelle hunt. Wild boar hunting is available in Tajikistan and Turkey. Russia has lots of nice hunting destinations both near Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, allowing to enlarge your trophy room collection while doing business in that part of the world. Just ask – there are hunting camps waiting for you almost at any corner of the map.

Besides, it always sounds great to find a couple of days for manly adventures while spending vacation with your family and friends. Be that a beach recreation in Spain, Emirates, Greece, Sardinia, Turkey, or gourmet trip to France, Italy, Spain, Armenia, or sightseeing in the historical places – there always are some hunting opportunities.

If you like to get maximum result within the shortest time, or if you want to celebrate after a prolific week – just let us know. We will help you to choose a perfect quick hunting package, take care of all procedures, tags and licenses and other documents, will organize meet & greet services and fine-tune the whole schedule making sure not even a minute is wasted. We are always right there, running next to you in this everyday marathon for the best prize this world can offer.