To say the truth, we've never got enough time to do so many important things in the year that is now ending. Things that could've made us completely happy. We, the Stalkers, have sent no one to get the Gaur trophy in Myanmar. Neither we have signed a petition for opening China for the hunters, nor joined those pushing back against CITES abolishment for taking a crocodile. We even haven't done a documentary about the threatened mountain felids. Wide have gone so many more important things.

However, over the whole year we've been organizing hunting trips; we've shipped, measured and registered the trophies; have prepared visa docs and rebooked the flights, registered the guns and chosen the best camps; and we've been weaving gazillions of different actions into one whole canvas of what is called a good quality hunting trip. 365 days of phone calls, emails, negotiations, assistance, clarifications and all other turmoils. If one loves to do the work, it's never boring. And why do we love it? Because it is a great chance to communicate with interesting characters, to learn and love nature, value the effort and time of each other.

Dear Hunters, it is thank to you that we are so delighted today - feeling passionate and proud for our results and our deals, feeling happy knowing that you need our job. We breath it and we love it. All the best wishes for the year 2019 ahead and have a Merry Christmas! What was put together by the friendship and common grounds shall not be divided by the little nothings of life!

Yours, The Stalkers