This week we have received a comment on a picture we’d posted on our Facebook page. A beautiful Nepal Tahr trophy was named a “farm boy” due to the fact the animal was handsome and clean, and had very nice and well tipped horns. So, we’ve decided to write a couple words about hunting in Nepal. The main thing when talking about Tahr hunting in Nepal is not to be confused with the New Zealand hunting. It is of course possible to harvest a great Tahr trophy on a hunting farm in New Zealand, however hunting in Nepal it completely different. There is no single hunting farm existing in Himalayan Mountains. This mountain hunt is considered to be one of the hardest in the world. In order to get your Tahr and Blue Sheep trophies in Nepal, you have to be ready for quite severe conditions. Those would involve several ingredients.

First, take the long transfers to the hunting area. You’ll start with a helicopter transfer to the altitude of about 9800 feet (3000 m). From there you’ll take a 2 day walk to the base camp. This time is necessary to get acclimatized to the altitude. By the way, do not forget that you need to carry all your equipment and belongings all the way up.

Second come the altitude itself and a very tough terrain. Mainly the hunt is organized at 11.500-16.500 feet (3.000-5.000 meters), sometimes at up to 18.000 feet (5.500 m). These beautiful species prefer to dwell among the stiff cliffs and falling rocks. Add the harsh weather and temperature conditions: cold spine-tingling wind and freezing fogs will become your everyday routine.

Finally, after you manage to find the well-desired trophy, comes the moment to shoot. Sharp angles and long shots are waiting to put your skills at a test. So, let us assure you – no “farm boys” available in Nepal. And though our skilled hunting team is ready to provide a very helping hand, still every trophy is well-deserved and every trip will surely bring you the experience of a life time. Are you ready to give it is try? The beautiful Tahrs are up there waiting….