Let’s speak some about hunting the Tur in Russia. All three Tur species can be hunted here: the Kuban Tur, the Mid-Caucasian and the Dagestan Tur. Generally speaking, all these three species can be taken within the same large region called Caucasus. The Kuban, or Western Tur is found in Karachaevo-Cherkessiya, the Mid one can be hunted in Kabardino-Balkaria and the Dagestan or Eastern Tur inhabits Northern Ossetia.

But what’s so special about all this Tur hunting in Russia? Well, that is not only the beautiful trophy, which is a great creature with horns reminding both those of an ibex and of a mountain sheep. That is also the ultimate expression of hunting itself. The Caucasus Mountains are always ready to challenge you. And let us tell you, this hunt is not going to be an easy walk in the woods. You will be challenged not only physically – by the steep cliffs raging above your head and ripping your knees, by the flowing stones beneath your feet, overnight cold and mid-day heat. It will also take a great mental intension to stay calm while sitting in a tiny tent under the neverending drizzle or in the midst of the seamless fog. You will maybe have to resume hunting again and again after these billies outsmart you. There also will be one more challenge – the technical one. You have to be ready for the really long distance shots, sometimes at the unbelievable angles. Still, we all know that the mountain hunters love this type of adventures and they will come back to harvest the whole Tur collection. Our experience shows that even if the hunter has bad luck once, he/she’ll come again next year, truly fallen in love with the magic of Caucasus Mountains and the gorgeous Turs.

Tur hunting becomes some type of real expedition, so you need to be properly prepared. To make the most of your experience, make sure you are very fit physically and your marksmanship is at very high level. Train to shoot confidently at least at the distance of 300 meters. The well-considered equipment will also help. From our side, we will ensure that all logistics goes smooth and you get to see the best Tur grounds in Russia.

Bow hunting is not yet allowed in Russia, but we hope this technical problem will be solved within the next couple years.