During the first half of year 2018, we’ve already had several successful safaris in Ethiopia. This country is a great choice for the weathered hunters who want to enlarge their collections with unique trophies. Several endemic species inhabit Ethiopia and those will for sure dress up any trophy room: Mountain nyala, Menelic bushbuck, Northern gerenuk, Abyssinian bushbuck, Somali gazelle and Beisa oryx.

The hunting territories of Ethiopia can be divided into three regions: mountains, savanna and forest.

So, to the mountains. The mountain camp is located at the altitude of 3223 meters. The hunting camp in Ethiopia can be either a tented one or consist of small bungalows. There’s a WC, shower and dining room. The cook is always ready to treat you with fresh game dishes.

Hunting for the mountain nyala is of particular interest for the trophy collectors. This forest antelope species was discovered only in 1910. The mountain nyala is endemic to Abyssinian highlands and the Great Rift valley. Thanks to the inaccessibility of the habitat, this species is still poorly studied and remains a desired trophy even for the seasoned hunter. The hunt is organized at the scarfs. The slopes are heavily forested and it is not that easily to spot the trophy male. There is a set minimum for the nyala trophy in Ethiopia: the horns need to be no less than 29,5 inches. If a smaller male is harvested, the hunter will have to pay a large fine. The local PH will help you to judge the trophy size before placing your shot. There are also a couple of trackers and state game scouts in the hunting team. The game scouts make sure you hunt legally and fair. You need to be ready for a long distance shot of no less than 250 meters and often placed at a great angle.

If you have a thermal scope and a night-sight – take those with you. It is legal to hunt at night in Ethiopia. You can harvest felines and hyenas – as they prefer nocturnal habits. There is a great chance to shoot a leopard in the mountain region. By the way, there is a good amount of totally black cats

The savannah camp is located at the altitude of 780 meters. It is a large bird watching camp in the beautiful surroundings. Sitting on a small hill, it overlooks a great volcano valley. Be ready to spend most of the day moving around the hunting territory in the car searching for the trophy size animals. There will be a couple hour break in the middle of the day.

There is also a third hunting region – a forest one. Here you can hunt the bushbuck. The vegetation is very thick, making it hard to spot and judge the trophy. Sometimes all you can see is only a part of the body. The shooting distance is very small, get ready to shoot quickly and without any sticks or tripods.

It is necessary to take malaria pills during the trip, except for the mountain region. In addition, we advise to take only savannah and forest camo: since the mountains are heavily forested, there is no need to bring extra real mountain colored set.

We’ll be glad to share more of our experience and to organize a trip to Ethiopia for you!