What can be better than the mountains? - Only mountains with sheep and goats! We invite you to discover Asia with its large population of wild sheep and goats. Hunting in Asia is a great adventure. World’s largest wild sheep, the Argali, also known as the Marco Polo are among the top trophies and are hunted in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is also a great habitat for mid-Asian ibex.

Your Tajikistan hunt provides the opportunity for the largest (56’’ +) trophy to be expected. Your Tajikistan hunt is expensive and you also have to be in the top shape for this high altitude hunt.

More economical Argali hunts for trophies in the 46-52’’ range are available in Kyrgyzstan which also gives a chance for world-class Ibex trophies. In Mongolia you can harvest impressive Argali trophies – Altai, Gobi and Hangai. Those are the largest wild sheep in the world.

Altai Argali inhabits Altai Mountains, Gobi lives in the Gobi Desert. Gobi Argali found in the Hangai Mountains is categorized as a separate trophy known as Hangai Argali.

Mongolia is also great for ibex with two species – the Siberian ibex and the smaller Gobi ibex. Those hunts are quite easy and popular since the population is high and the mountains are neither high, nor very steep.

It doesn’t matter where you hunt in Asia. Rise to the challenge and your work will be rewarded by a long-desired trophy.

Ask us about our Asian hunts that are of interest for you and we will be very glad to share the details.