Here is a short feedback about the hunt from one of our friends and clients, Mr.Reznik: “Our regular flight from Moscow landed at the airport of Abakan in the morning. Right from there, we took the helicopter transfer to the hunting area in order to save time and energy and avoid the long ground transfer. Thanks to experience and skills of the helicopter pilot, we lost no time to bad weather conditions. Within an hour our heli successfully landed on the bank of the Sayano-Shushenskoye dam lake. I spotted a large group of ibex while landing already!

Our base camp was located right on the bank. From there, we took only the necessary things with us and headed up to the mountains. Several hours later, we saw the mountain camp – a small winter hut. It was quite suitable for staying overnight: a stove, board beds, and a small spring nearby. The door was wide open to prevent from bear breaking in – better open than broken. The evening scouting within a half hour walk from the camp showed us 2 herds total of about 25 animals, including at least 3 trophy males. We decided to check the other sun lit mountain faces next morning. So, we got up before sunrise and at 8:20 am spotted a herd of males consisting of 14 heads. A couple of them were good trophies. I shot at 340 meters – we heard the distinctive sound of hit, but surprisingly could not see the animal fall. So, the decision was to try and take another Ibex, since the herd didn’t move far. After the shot at 370 meters, the old billy fell down from the cliff. We climbed down a steep side and found two Ibex of 11 and 12 years old. The photoshoot and field preparation together with the climb back up to the path took us over 3 hours. We called the helicopter company and agreed they would pick us up next noon. So, we spend another night at the winter hut and flew back to Abakan – the heli transfer saved us several days in total, actually, - and probably I should say it also saved us tons of energy.”