Experiencing culture and traditions of other nations is always exciting and even challenging. To get closer, to feel the heartbeat one should come and meet common people with their everyday life, their needs, difficulties, habits… Being a hunter, whether you hunt with a rifle or bow, you have a splendid opportunity to experience all of this in any country you go. Let’s say you plan your hunting trip to Russia. Climbing the Russian Caucasus chasing Western tur or Chamois, forging through a dense forest hoping to get an excellent Siberian brown bear, or stalking the gorgeous Kamchatka Moose or kinglike Altai Maral trophy, a hunter becomes a “native”, blends in the area, getting to know Russian hunting traditions and enjoying local food and hospitality traditions. This is an invaluable experience! But what comes next? Now you have to safely bring your trophy back home.

When the trophy is hunted it's a high time to think over its future trophy life. Some hunters prefer sending their trophies to their home countries dry salted, some others order to make shoulder/full size mounts in Russia by local trophy specialists. The advantage of a taxidermist who was born in Russia is knowing all native animals, their natural peculiarities and thus being able to make the trophies look authentically.

“Stalker Trophy” Taxidermy started its story more than 10 years ago. It was founded by a master mostly performing individual taxidermy orders. Gradually he gained a good reputation proved by high quality of his works. Then a small business grew into a taxidermy studio with a full cycle trophy preparation. Now “Stalker Trophy” offers a wide range of taxidermy services starting from dip and pack preparation for further exportation to making full mounts out of animals hunted both in Russia and abroad. Hides tanning, skulls bleaching, rug mounting are the most popular taxidermy works being ordered from “Stalker Trophy” by the hunters who harvest their trophies in Russia.

“Stalker Trophy” also provides trophy handling services. We monitor and take care of the trophies from the moment of harvesting and up to the delivery to a destination country and passing it to the broker. Combining exportation and taxidermy services, “Stalker Trophy” suggests two main options for a hunter:

1. Pack and ship option includes export documents preparation (CITES if needed), custom brokerage service, dip & pack and delivery to the destination airport. 

2. All inclusive option implies pack & ship and taxidermy service. Taxidermists complete a mount (or rug) in accordance with hunters’ instructions and then trophy is being exported and shipped.

The average exportation invoice totals around 1000 Euro when shipping from Russia to Europe and around 1600 USD when shipping to USA. It takes an average of 4-6 months to complete all works. Any hunter who comes to “Stalker Trophy” will find the best solution to suit the expectations. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive full info.