We are glad to share some comments from our client and friend, Mr.Randall Harley, who has recently returned from a successful Desert Bighorn hunt in Mexico:

“The hunt in Mexico went very well. The staff was very friendly, the food was delicious, and the guides were outstanding. I had no problems entering or exiting Mexico with my rifle and I was able to bring the horns and full skin back with me on the flight home. The border entry in Phoenix was very smooth since all of the required paperwork was in perfect order. I saw several groups of rams during the first three days. One group of 8 rams had some very impressive trophies, however, they were 800 yards away and going over the hill. Other groups were closer, but had smaller rams. On the third day, I shot my ram at 267 yards. He dropped down in his own shadow. The ram was judged to be 10 years old with 16+ inch bases and was heavily broomed to 33 inches long. He had a big chip out of the right horn that added some interesting character. I guess he was more of a fighter than a lover”.