A little faster, than we probably would like fall is knocking on the door. Nights get crispier and days are cooler. But hopefully it does not cool down your hunting urge. With our new European hunting destinations it is easy to enjoy both hunting and sightseeing in one trip.

If you are a hunter it is a time to plan your trips for Ibex, Chamois, Mouflon in Spain, Austria, Slovakia or Macedonia. Make sure to check the possibility for Kri-kri Ibex hunt in Macedonia since it is the only country besides Greece where they are available. Do not overlook Sweden. Unique, fenced wildlife sanctuary gives you a chance to harvest European Roebuck, Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Mouflon, Bison and Wild Boar which roam free in 10 square kilometers. Head to Slovakia for a unique Low-Tatra Chamois which you can hunt in November and December. Our destinations for classical hunts – Romania, Czeck Republic, Belorussia, Croatia have a lot to offer too – deer, wild boar, bear and others.

We value the quality of the hunting grounds and the trophies. We value the quality of the service. Treat yourself to the best! Please feel free to inquire about pricing and availability of our hunting destinations.