When you think Stalker Group, you think Russia. But not anymore! Now Stalker Group invites you to exciting hunting destinations in Europe. Europe offers many unique species to hunt close to unforgettable sights and beautiful landscapes. Europe is an extraordinary destination for both travelling and hunting. So treat yourself to an excellent lodging, superb trophy quality and hunting opportunities.

If you like classical hunts make sure to check our red stag destinations like Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Croatia. Europe is the home of the red stag and the largest trophies have always come from here. Those countries offer Alpine chamois, Alpine ibex, mouflon, fallow deer and wild boar as well. If you have been dreaming about Kri-kri Ibex head to Macedonia, which is the only country besides Greece where you can harvest it. Tatra Mountains in Slovakia is a home to unique Low-Tatra Chamois. United Kingdom gives you a unique and exciting opportunity to hunt up to 15 different species of big game in one hunting trip. If you like mountains, check our mountain hunts in Austria, Spain, and Slovakia which could be easy or very demanding. Austria has all common species of big game found in Europe. Spain boasts its goats – Beceite ibex, Gredos ibex, Ronda ibex and Southwestern ibex. There are also two world smallest chamois – Cantabrian and Pyrenean. Finally, If you want to make hunting a get together and hunt in a big group look no further than Sweden and Hungary. Both of these countries offer great hunting possibilities. Stay in a castle and feel like a royal!