April and May is a great and busy time for those loving the bird hunts. We have several groups back home just these days; and their success spurred us to write a short sketch on the bird hunts we can offer.

Fowling is a wide variety of choices. Any bird is a cunning game, often being very cautious and alarmed. It demands for a creative and even gentle approach.

Motion:  The hunter is not waiting for his luck, but is searching for a chance, moving around the hunting grounds: by foot, on a horseback, or in a boat. This type of hunting includes stalking and using the dogs. Searching allows harvesting mostly small and medium size birds, which are not too cautious and inhabit the hunting area in good numbers: waterfowl, upland game, waders.  Thorough stalking is required to get wary birds that do not allow an easy approach. This includes stalking the belling black grouse and hunting capercaillie at the lekking grounds.

Statics: Motionless methodsof fowling include using different types of bird hides and blinds and also shooting during migrations and roding.  Sometimes the different methods can be combined, as using several of them ensures your success.

Poesy: Motion huntsallow watching the birds for the short several moments before placing a shot. However when waiting in a hide, one can feast his eyes on the beautiful creatures sometimes for hours, in their natural habitat.  Waiting is a base of statical hunts.  The hunter has to be well disguised though.

Prose: Kirov, Yaroslavl and Vologda regions provide the best success rates for capercailzie, blackcock and woodcock hunting.

The most popular way to get a blackcock is hunting from a hut in the lekking ground. In central Russia blackcock hunts start in the middle of April and continue through the middle of May. The lek can be found by the song of the black grouse, which the bird repeats each sunrise and sunset. The sound can be heard from a long distance in good weather. Mating songs start with the first light and continue some time until 8am. The evening lek is much shorter and lasts only for around an hour and a half.  

The capercaillie hunt is considered to be one of the most interesting spring hunts, though being quite tough and demanding for stamina, moderation and sense of direction in the dense woods.

Classics: Geese hunting with decoys is a quite interesting fowling method, though it might seem complicated at the first thought. In Russia spring is the best season for geese hunting, when the waterfowl migrate from their wintering grounds. We can offer the real discovery of the season – Arkhangelsk region, with a good level of service. Geese hunting is available there up to last week of May. 

The geese prefer the water-meadows and floodplains, where they stay at small dry islands. As a rule, there are tousles near such spots which allow the hunter to hide and wait for a chance to shoot.

Geese are very wary and once scared, won’t come back even to the good feeding spot. That is why the hides for geese hunting with decoys are made in a form of a small hut of found nearby sticks and grass. Small windows are made for watching the birds and shooting.

In the fall best geese hunting is available in the north: Island, Sweden, Canada, northern parts of USA.

Pops: The fall duck hunt starts when the birds return to their winter grounds and ends with the first frosts. We offer great water fowling in Azerbaijan at the SaruSu lake. Hunting lasts from October till March. Once ducks gather in flocks, it will be harder to get close. If one duck is alarmed, it will warn all other birds.  Also, in fall ducks prefer to stay awake during the night, that is why the hunter has to be ready to shoot in poor visibility.

There are many ways of duck hunting: the hides work well, because the birds tend to feed at the same spots and use the same routes. Shooting during the morning and evening flights gives great results.

In about a month after the start of the season, when ducks come in good numbers from the northern regions, time comes for a successful hunt with decoys. Calling skills increase your chances. Live decoy duck will attract wild ducks and invite the drakes. Stalking duck hunt can also be very interesting and effective if organized at the shallows covered with low fen grass and ling. This allows moving around easily and finding your trophies.  Spring duck hunt seems to be the best in South America (Argentina, Uruguay) and Mexico.

Eclectics: The pheasant hunts start in the middle of August, when the coveys start visiting the opens. A well-trained and quick-search dog is a must for the pheasant hunt. It needs to be hardy and able to find the wounded birds in the thickets.

Young pheasants usually hold the set good and stay in one spot. The old males prefer to run away from the dog.

The pheasant hunting farms are mainly located in Europe. The birds are let free in the beginning of the season. They  stay near the feeding spots until the hunts start in fall in Hungary, Spain, Czech republic and Bulgaria.

Fowling is fun and a great activity even for a large group. Just make your choices and we will prepare an offer, provide information in minute detail and organize great bird hunting for you.