Altai Ibex hunting is physically demanding, just like all other classic mountain hunts. However, it is not the hardest one possible in Russia.

After arrival to Moscow, the hunter meets our representative at the airport. Afterwards they proceed together to Abakan. The flight from Moscow to Abakan takes around 4.5 hours. From there it takes another 8 hours to get the base camp: 4 hours by car and 4 hours by motor boat. The second part of the transfer is very picturesque: the motor boat crosses the Yenisei river basin with the speed around 50 kmh. Steep mountain peaks surround the scene, and you can see deer, bears and wolves on the banks.

The base camp consists of the main house, sauna and the outhouse. There are tidy and warm twin rooms for the hunter. The cook will gladly treat you with traditional Russian meals.

In the morning, the hunters and their guides will pack store of food for 3-4 days and proceed on the motor boats in different directions. The hunt starts right there: it is very possible to notice grazing animals at the mountain slopes while boating. The transfer might take from 10 minutes and up to one hour depending on the chosen area. After that all ammunition and food store is packed and the hunting team proceeds to the fly camp up to the mountains. The climb may take up to 5 hours, however you won’t be bored because there is a chance to meet you desired trophy right there. This concentrates your attention and takes your mind off hiking routine.

The hunt is typical spot&stalk (1х1). It is organized in the mountains, partly in the greenbelt and partly out in the open. The altitudes total up to 2000 meters (6,560 feet). The steep grassy slopes can be dangerous after the rains or snow melting. We recommend having mountain boots with special sole tread. The guides will provide you with a wooden walking stick. There is no need to bring ready-made alpine walking sticks with you, as those show to be practically useless in Altai mountains – they break in 5 minutes.

The overnights are scheduled to be in small wooden houses with stoves. It is good to have warm sleeping bag (comfort -20 C) and a light mat to put on the sleeping bench (not on the ground). The tents are used in case of urgence. Your clothes have to be designed for mountain hunting: wind breaking, lightweight and transpirable. At the same time, they have to be rather warm: in the middle of September the temperature during the night can go as low as -20 С (-4 F), during the daytime in the sun it can be as warm as +10..+15 (50-60 F). Please keep a Gore-tex costume or lightweight rainwear in your backpack – rains are possible.

The hunting grounds are rich in game. You have a chance to get Altai Ibex, Maral and Siberian Roe-deer. All these species have high trophy quality. In favorable weather conditions in September, it is possible to harvest all three trophies within one week. You will also have a chance to meet musk deer, wolf or bear. In addition, please feel free spend some time fishing.

Sayany is a wonderful mountain land. We are sure you will cherish its wild beauty, as it touches everyone’s feelings. Welcome to one of the greatest Russian hunting destinations!