European Moose is a large and beautiful animal. Though not as big as Kamchatka moose, this species still weights about 320 to 475 kg (705 to 1,047 lb.), and its shoulder height ranges from 1.7 to 2.1 m (5.6 to 6.9 ft.). Being extinct in central and western Europe except for Poland, Lithuania and Belarus, European Moose is still abundant in Russia. We are glad to offer you an exciting hunting experience: Moose hunt during the rut.

The Moose has acute hearing and smelling. It is a very alert animal. However, there is a certain period each year, when this shy forest giant becomes nervy and even aggressive – the rut time. That is the best time to get your trophy moose with the antlers in perfect condition, and to experience a very interesting, spectacular and adrenaline hunt.

Usually the rut begins in the very end of August – beginning of September. Warm weather might delay the start of the season. However, bad weather with wind and showers does not work well either: you won’t be able to hear the calling moose properly. Basically, there is a short period of about 10 days in September which is perfect for hunting. Best time is in twilight; the moose are mostly very active in the morning and in the evening. The moose do not troat like the deer during the rut. They groan, as if uttering a guttural “M” sound, loud and plangent.

The moose tend to stay in the same rutting grounds each year. Such spots have typical characteristics: - Trampled down grass with many bald patches; - Sourish smell in the air; - Broken bushes and trees; - Antler marks on the bark; - Hollows on the ground, which can be up to 20 centimeters deep and up to 1-1.5 meters wide.

Our professional guides find the rutting grounds of the large males in advance to ensure the success of your hunt. Hunting during the rut means shooting at a short distance. Choose the right caliber to stop the charging giant. Calibers .300 WM, 30-06 Springfield (7,62x63), .308 Win., 7,62х54R and up work good with a heavy bullet.

The callers are used during the rut to attract the males. However, please note that it is strictly prohibited to use electronic callers in Russia. The guides call the moose with their own voice or use wooden handmade devices. This makes the hunt even more interesting and fair – you can use only your own skills to fool the wild animal. Keep in mind, that moose is a very smart creature with acute hearing. One has to be very careful not to scare off the bull with the call. Both male and female sounds are used to attract the moose.

The male voice is used more often. The moose thinks it is a rival coming at his territory and replies aggressively, ready to enter the lists. The old moose tend to take a dare easier than the young, which doubles your chances for a good trophy. A young male will hesitate to meet the call of the rival and probably will run away from the spot.

Unlike the other hunts, it is not necessary to keep quiet. It is even better to deliberately break a couple of branches, as if there is another moose in the bushes, ready to fight. Most probably, the male will approach the hunter, allowing to place a good shot. Moose hunting is very quick and dynamic; the hunter has to keep the eyes on the ball, while the guide is calling. There is no time for musings. It is very important to place an accurate shot in the head or shoulder blade, because the moose are very aggressive and brave during the rut, and the male might attack you right there.

Jump at your chance! However, never shoot at the noise in the bushes, keep cool and let your trophy to come out to the open. Adrenaline buzz is guaranteed!