Humans had been hunting since the prehistoric times. Once the hunt was a main way to get something to eat, and at the same time, it was a part of numerous rituals and traditions. Nowadays the hunt became an exciting challenge for the hunter. Any hunter who honors hunting ethics would bear this statement out. Especially the one who has been challenged by a Brown Bear. This wild animal, though seemingly clumsy, is actually fast, strong, sly and dangerous. Kamchatka Brown Bear is a worthy match for a man with a gun. This species is the largest one in Russia; it’s size sometimes exceeds 3 meters, and weight of males may total 700-800 kilos.

Kamchatka Brown Bear inhabits the whole peninsula including all types of stations: leafy and soft-wood forests, dwarf pines thickets, tundra, highlands, river and lake carses, sea coasts etc. This game has a great economic and social influence for Kamchatka Peninsula. The remoteness of this region, its unique climate and sparse population made Kamchatka a Bear Paradise. Population is evaluated to be around 11 thousand bears.

There are two hunting seasons for Brown Bear in Kamchatka: Spring and Fall. Spring is best for the hunters who want to get a trophy with perfect fur: the Bear has long and dense fur after the winter sleep. The claws are also long and sharp. Spring season also gives more chances for a large male; stalking starts from judging the size of the footprints, which allows evaluating the size of the animal before pursuit.

The hunt is organized in the beginning of spring in Kamchatka, when the bears emerge from their dens. The land is covered with deep snow, and we use snowmobiles and skis. In addition, it is possible to use motor boats at the seacoasts. The hunter covers great distances together with his guide. Usually the guide drives the snowmobile and the hunter stays in the sledge behind. After a fresh track is located, the hunter will follow the Bear. It is crucial to have proper warm and waterproof hunting clothes. The average shooting distance is around 100-200 meters. Calibers .300 Win. Mag, 375H&H, 8х68S work perfectly well.

Fall hunt will be good choice for those who love active multi-day hunting in search of the large trophy. It is also a great chance to combine Bear hunt with Moose or Snow Sheep, or salmon fishing. This spring we have organized Bear hunt at the South of Kamchatka, 9-21 of May. There is a great camp within 1-hour helicopter flight from Petropavlovsk. The base camp has two houses including a nice guesthouse with two large rooms for the clients. It also has a thermal spring pool, which provides great relaxation after a long day of hunt. Professional guides and high quality equipment ensure for great hunting.

The hunting started at 8-9 a.m. Each day the hunters and the guides covered the distances of around 70-100 kilometers. The weather was nice with temperatures around +20 C during the day and 0 +5 C at night. The ground and the mountains were still covered with snow.

Our client bagged his two trophies within the first hunting day. By 4 p.m. he had two Bears down: one of 240 cm and the second one of 270 cm. During this one day, he and his guide saw around 35 different bears including females with cubs. A Capercaillie was also harvested during the hunt. In total, there were seven hunters on the camp. All of them got their Kamchatka Brown Bears by the fifth day of the hunt. This group bagged 10 high quality bear trophies.

Now we are looking forward to our Fall season. Ready to challenge yourself? Book your hunting adventure in advance!