Siberian Brown Bear Hunt

The Brown Bear is widely thought to be a national character of Russia. And it is for a reason: several different species of this powerful animal inhabit vast forests of Russian Federation. One of them is Siberian Brown Bear. Siberian bears are intermediate in size to Eurasian brown bears and Kamchatka Brown Bears, though large individuals can attain the size of the latter. Their skulls are invariably larger than those of Eurasian brown bears. They have long, dense and soft fur, which is similar in colour to that of Eurasian brown bears, though darker coloured individuals predominate. Siberian bears can be as large as 2.5 meters in length (8.2 feet) and up to 1.5-meter shoulder height (4.9 feet). Large males can weigh up to 750 - 800 kilos (about 1 700 pounds); however the average weight of the male totals about 400 - 500 kilos (880 – 1 100 pounds).

This beautiful Brown Bear with massive head and large legs will surely become an impressive addition to the trophy collection.

Within the last several years, the number of Siberian Brown bear in Russia grows steadily throughout the whole Siberia region, which allows speaking about high success rate for a nice trophy. We organize Siberian Brown Bear hunting in Tomsk region. Tomsk region is located in the South of the Western Siberia. The distance from Moscow is 3 500 km. In this exact area, the number of Siberian Brown bears has exceeded the estimated preferable numbers for over 2 thousand animals. The professional community thinks that the reduction of the hunting terms has influenced this population growth greatly. Besides that, the local guides note that the bears have good feeding potential in the area for several years in a row.

We offer a great possibility to harvest a nice trophy of Siberian Brown Bear in fall season at a special price. Hunting is organized in taiga zone; the season is open from August 1 and up to November 30. 3-7 hunting days are necessary to get your trophy.

There are two main hunting methods to bag Siberian Bear trophy in fall: hunting at the bait or hunting at the oat fields. Both of these methods work great. Usually the bears start to visit oat fields in the end of August – beginning of September, when the oats is sweet. Special high-seats are built at the fields. These hides can be up to 3 meters high. They are thoroughly camouflaged. As a rule, the bears come out to the fields in the dusk. The hunters wait for the trophy animal at the hides. It is necessary to keep very quiet and to avoid strong smells that can scare the animal. Though the Bear is large and heavy, it is able to move soundlessly and to emerge at the field suddenly. After a large male appears, the result of the hunt depends almost solely on hunter’s accuracy.

If hunting at the bait, the guides prepare the baits in advance. After a large male is spotted, the hunter and the guide will await for it at the high seat. The shooting distance averages about 50-250 meters (50-270 yards).

There can be 3-4 hunters in a group. Hunters are accommodated at the comfortable hunting houses. Please contact us for all details of the offer and book the terms.