Caucasian Turs

One of the most popular trophy hunts organized within the territory of Russian and former USSR countries is the mountain Tur hunt. Three different species of this unique animal inhabit Russian Federation: Kuban Tur (also known as Western Tur), Mid-Caucasian Tur and Dagestan Tur (or Eastern Tur). We organize hunting for Kuban species on the territory of Karachaevo-Cherkessiya Republic in Russia. Mid-Caucasian Tur can be harvested in the Republic of Kabardino-Balcaria in Russia. As for the Dagestan Tur, best hunting grounds are located in Azerbaijan, however good hunting is possible in Russia, too.

Both males and females have horns; those of females are short and thin. Males have long and thick horns, especially the Dagestan Tur. The horn shape of Western Tur is quite different from that one of Eastern Tur. Western (Kuban) Tur has horns rather similar to those of an ibex, being scimitar-shaped and having prominent cross ridges on the front surface, but they are much more massive and relatively shorter. The tips are widely separated, the distance varying from about 16-26 inches (41-66 cm), sometimes more.

Horns of an Eastern (Dagestan) Tur are quite unusual for a goat, being smooth and rounded, curving above and behind the neck, with the tips turning inward and upward; they are quite similar to those of the Himalayan blue sheep, but are more massive. Mid-Caucasian Tur’s horns can have typical features of both abovementioned species. The Stalker Group Company organizes many Tur hunting trips each season. Our hunters harvest great trophies of all three Tur species annually owing to the thorough choice of best hunting grounds and only highly professional guides made by our Team. We can easily operate a combo hunt for several species, transferring the hunters from one hunting region to another. Besides, it is possible to harvest Caucasian Chamois in Karachaevo-Cherkessiya, while hunting for Tur.

Last season brought to our clients and our Team many beautiful trophies of Kuban, Mid-Caucasian and Dagestan Tur. In addition, several Caucasian Chamois were harvested. This year the weather has often interfered our hunting plans; however, none of the unpredictable snow and rainfalls or foggy days could prevent our brave hunters from getting their desired and well-deserved trophies. Check out our Facebook page for more pictures of these year’s victories.