Hunting for Argali in Tajikistan

The year of 2014 turned out to be very generous for great Argali trophies. Among others, we have organized a combo hunt for several species in Tajikistan. Our client has harvested the following species: Marco Polo Argali, Tibetan sheep and Mid-Asian Ibex.

In total, he spent 4 days hunting including one full day to follow wounded Ibex. As a result we can congratulate the hunter with great trophies. The length of Marco Polo Argali horns was measured to be 63.5 inches or 161 centimeters, which is a wonderful result. Nowadays, the average horn length for Marco Polo sheep totals 56 inches/142 cm. This ram was harvested on the first day of hunting; it was chosen among a group of 20-25 males. The so called Tibetan sheep was harvested in another hunting region, about 4 hour drive from the main hunting grounds. This subspecies is different from Marco Polo Argali by the horn structure: their horns grow no more than a meter long (no more than 39 inches) and usually have very thick bases.

The transfer to the hunting grounds takes two full days. The 4x4 vehicles are used for transportation to the hunting region and during the hunt (Toyota and Russian cars). During the hunt our guests are accommodated in the hunting house. The house has 3 bedrooms (2 beds each) and a dining room. The toilet room is located in the house. There is also a generating set and satellite TV. The hunting house is pretty simple but quite comfortable for a mountain hunt at this altitude. The camp is located at 4 050 meters (13 290 feet), maximum altitude during the hunt totals about 4 300 – 4 500 meters (14 100 – 14 800 feet).

Hunting does not demand a lot of walking (not to say it is basically impossible at such an elevation). Maximum altitude difference we had to walk up was 150-200 meters/ yards. It was tough though. Mainly hunting involves driving through the hunting grounds and glassing for the animals. If the group is spotted, it is examined through the scope. Stalking is completed on foot, or the hunter may be transferred by the car as close as possible, and then proceed stalking on foot. The terrain is very open with high-mountain tablelands and sublitities, which often doesn’t allow successful stalking.

The hunter has to prepare for the shooting very seriously. One can not count for 250-300 meters distances. You have to be ready for the shooting distances of 400-500 meters, often at an angle.

We congratulate our hunter with wonderful results and welcome everybody to Tajikistan to get new outstanding trophies!