The Uncommon Combo: Altai Ibex and Caucasian Chamois

The Stalker Team has successfully organized this combo hunt for our guests from USA in October 2014. Mr.Walter Kirby and Mrs.Susan Tuohy came to visit two different hunting regions of Russia. In the first part of the trip, the hunters went to Krasnoyarsk region, where it is possible to harvest Altai Ibex in Russia – you do not have to go to Mongolia to do that. The lengthy fall this year allowed the hunters to travel in good weather conditions. The trip to the hunting region was quite long. The 5-hour flight from Moscow to Abakan was followed by 4-hour drive and then you had to spend another 4 hours on board of a powerboat. Next day the hunting team split up and went to different directions in search of their desired trophies: first by boat and then up to the mountains. The climb lasted for about 7-8 hours. Overnight stay in the mountains was organized in small wooden houses. Walter Kirby noticed a large herd of about 50 Ibex within his first two hours of hunting. As a result, he managed to get two Ibex and then started hunting for Siberian Roe deer. During this time of the year, you can get a very good Roe deer trophy in Krasnoyarsk region. The animals in this region have thick and long horns. In addition, it is possible to hunt Maral.

Susan Tuohy harvested her Altai Ibex on the second day of hunting. On the first day of hunt, the guide saw a lonely male, which usually was not typical for Ibex. However, on the second day of hunt this billy still fed alone. The trophy quality of the Ibex was very good, so the hunting team decided to stalk him. The favorable weather conditions allowed to get as close as 50 meters. Susan Tuohy placed a great shot; she only had to shoot once to get her trophy.

After a couple of days, the hunters accompanied by the Stalker Group representative Eugeniy Kharitonov arrived to another region of Russia, the Karachaevo-Cherkessiya, to hunt for the Caucasian Chamois.

This hunt is considered to be relatively easy. There are several hunting grounds located within a short drive from the villages, which allows you to stay overnight at the comfortable village house and drive to the hunting area each morning. It took no more than 10 minutes this time. Both Chamois trophies were harvested by the hunters on the third day of this part of the trip. We congratulate both hunters with successful combo! And our special regards go to Susan Tuohy who finished her Super 20 Slam in Russia.

The trophies of Altai Ibex and Caucasian Chamois were left in Russia for a quarantine. They will be shipped to the hunters within a very short time. Let us remind that Stalker Group organizes the whole shipment process. We will arrange for all necessary procedures and documents. Stalker Group has all necessary licenses and permits according to the international standards. The trophies will be shipped perfectly safe; and we hope they will remind the hunters about their fun times in Russia for a long time.