Spring Bear Hunt in Kamchatka

This year the Nature has thrown a wrench into plans of many hunters. After a rather snowless winter the spring was unpredictably early and warm, causing the snow to melt before the start of Bear hunting season in many regions all over the world. Kamchatka was no exception. However our tough hunters together with their skilled local guides managed to bag their trophies successfully – two of the three were shot on the first hunting day. Our congratulations to the international hunting Team!

Here is what one the hunters, Mr. David Knight from Canada, wrote to us after the hunt:

“The hunt was excellent. I'm very glad we went to the north; I spoke with some people who hunted south of Petro - there success rate was quite low. Everyone involved was very helpful and professional, the camp was very comfortable and clean. Loved the sauna. It was a long trip but very worth it. I would certainly recommend this trip to anyone wishing to hunt Brown bear. The scenery of Kamchatka is stunning.”

And some more from the energetic Mexican guy, Mr. Rafael Olveira:

“Dmitriy is a great person, he always helped us, and he made a very good job. Good job of the camp people, good meal, good service. Good job for Stalker Group Company, good attention, good logistic, congratulations.”