Mid-Asian Ibex hunt with Stalker Group

Mid-Asian Ibex hunt with Stalker GroupThe new issue of The Hunting Report newsletter offers a report about hunting Mid-Asian Ibex in Kazakhstan with Stalker Group. The full report can be found at the following link (registration required).

For those of our friends who are not yet registered to the Hunting Report newsletter we provide an extract below:

Harley tells us, "I had five game scouts plus a full-time interpreter on this hunt. They all worked very hard and were uncanny in their ability to spot game. Their expertise was put to the test while tracking my ibex after the shot and they did an amazing job. The outfitter used horses to access a high-country fly camp as well as daily hunting. The base camp was extremely comfortable and so was the fly camp. I felt like I was getting VIP treatment from the staff and the hunt was very well-organized."

Harley took a mid-Asian ibex with 131 cm horns and 31 cm bases. All in all, he highly recommends the hunt. "This is a good area with high trophy potential. We saw a number of groups of trophy male ibex."