Safari Club International 2014

Safari Club International 2014Just in time for the end of winter, 5-8 February when everyone has enjoyed the pleasures the winter can provide, Safari Club International Convention opens up to welcome unbelievable amounts of participants.

SCI Convention suggests to consider new collections of boys’ toys — from hunting & fishing trips and associated gear to all - terrain vehicles and latest in outdoor grills - to help make the most of the coming hunting season.

Today, interest in SCI's two primary missions - protecting hunters' rights and promoting wildlife conservation, has grown to a worldwide network. Subsequent involvement and promotion of these missions is rooted in each of the 55,000 members, supported through each of 190 membership chapters found across the globe, and put into action by government representatives and personnel both nationally and internationally.

Although the hunting environment has changed over the last century, inside the core much has remained the same. The world central banks' been printing the banknotes and raise the money waves while the foam sinks in the pockets of go-getters and they shape the demand for luxury. Safari Club Convention is the place where hunting luxury is formed. This hunter's heaven has everything the mind can dream of. There are only two limitations to creating a dream equipment for a hunter here - your wallet and your imagination. SCIˊs Convention is the most dynamic and diverse hunting show today where you will find the most powerful buying and selling environment in the outdoor industry: hunt, fishing, arts, leisure.

A single visit to an event like SCI Convention provides access to the incredible range of amenities collected from around the Globe. For the next 4 years (2014-2017) it is nestled in the Convention Center of Mandalay Bay occupying nearly one million square feet of exhibit space. Six continents are under one roof where members come to book hunts, rendezvous with old friends, and shop for the latest guns and hunting equipment. Notable authorities of the outdoor sports and shooting industries attend this premier hunting show annually. Russia and Asia is presented by several companies on the Show. Stalker Group has it's booth number 4451, 4453 this year united with Etosha Heights Game Safaris from Namibia. The connection is evident: coming to find a mountain trip in the cold, you are sure to pick up another from the opposite corner of the World Playing contrasts.

Such a get together can never be boring. There are dozens of informative and educational seminars designed to provide attendees the opportunity to learn new hunting techniques or refine old ones, discover imaginative ways to prepare wild game, and glean tips on the best care for equipment and gear.

When the exhibit halls close, the evening fun and excitement begins. Members come together to celebrate the accomplishments of the organization, enjoy top entertainment and speakers, and bid in pulse-pounding auctions.

No excuses for not coming!