Grand Slam Club/OVIS 2014

Grand Slam Club/OVIS 2014The 10th annual Hunter & Outfitter Convention of Grand Slam Club/Ovis will take part in Reno, Nevada on January 29 – February 1, 2014. The exhibition venue is the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino. Visit this fabulous show to take your chance to book your hunt with confidence, research future hunt opportunities, meet the most talented artists and custom jewellers in the world and get yourself some new finest quality hunting equipment and gear. The Grand Slam Club/Ovis invites the best of the best outfitters, custom gunmakers, booking agents, artists, furriers, taxidermists, jewellers and optics and outdoor gear manufacturers.

On top of that, the reputation of Grand Slam Club/Ovis Convention for having the best big game auctions in the world is well established. In two daytime and four evening auctions they will have more than 150 items, including among other things Carmen Island desert hunts, Dall, Stone and desert sheep hunts, big game hunts for all huntable continents, rifles, bronzes, paintings, jewelry and much more.

The 10th annual Hunter & Outfitter Convention of Grand Slam Club/Ovis also gives everyone an opportunity to visit big game & mountain hunter seminar series, which are always exciting, informative and engaging. Meet the stars of the international hunting there! This year’s seminars include talks about bow hunting, hunting elk and deer, choosing the right gear for brown bear hunts etc. The Official & Master Measurer Course of Safari Club International will also take place during the hunting show (pre-registration required).

The Conventions activities will also include all kinds of cocktail parties and banquets. Super Ten, Super 25 and Super Slam Awards will be presented at the Super Slam night.

The Grand Slam Club was founded in 1956 by Bob Housholder of Phoenix, Arizona. He began at time to document and register legally-taken Grand Slams of North American Wild Sheep. That function has continued uninterrupted throughout the years and to date. In 2001, the Grand Slam Club merged with Ovis, Inc. to become GSCO. Besides the OVIS World Slam, GSCO at that time began the Capra World Slam of wild goats of the world. Now Grand Slam Club/Ovis has several slams to offer to hunting enthusiasts. Membership is available to anyone interested in wild mountain sheep or goats or the other big game trophies of North America.

Join Stalker Group in Reno for the fun and excitement, celebrate 10 years of GSCO together with the Stalker Team. We offer big game hunting all over the world helping you to collect your own Grand Slam. Looking forward to meet all our friends, talk about possible future hunts, and discuss our hunting experience in Russia, CIS and Asia. We will be waiting for you at our booth number 305.

To find out more about the 10th annual Hunter & Outfitter Convention of Grand Slam Club/Ovis and order the tickets please visit the web page