Hunting for Mid-Asian Ibex in Kazakhstan, Igor Rogov, Slam Quest #172

Igor Rogov (Russia) recently joined GSCO in November 2014, and immediately thereafter submitted this trophy for his files:

Species: Mid-Asian Ibex

Date taken: October 21, 2012

Location: Kazakhstan

Outfitter: Stalker Group

Highlights: I took a beautiful 50” ibex on the second day of hunting. We were waiting in the snow for six hours for the ibex to come down. It was taken with one shot at 350 meters. The weather was unexpected and not typical for this time of the year. The temperature reached minus 30⁰ at night. I want to stress the good organization level. Convenient base camp and delicious Kazakh cuisine there. During the hunt we used the horses and a fly camp.

Suggestions: If you are going there in November, warm clothing and a good sleeping bag are needed.

Originally published at the Slam Quest #172.

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