MILESTONE. Triple Slam #168 (Grand Slam, Capra World Slam, Ovis World Slam). Susan Tuohy, September 2013

Triple Slam #168 belongs to Susan Tuohy (MI). Susan decided to complete her Triple Slam the hard way, which was with a mid-Caucasian tur from Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia. Susan enjoyed hunting in the Caucasus so much that she added #13 on her Ovis list by taking a Kuban (Western) tur from Karachaevo-Cherkessiya, Russia on the same trip. Of course, we have to mention that Susan had already successfully hunter the Dagestan (Eastern) tur back in 2011. Here is what Susan had to report upon returning from the Caucasus:

On September 1, I began my quest to finish the Ovis World Slam by travelling to Russia for the mid-Caucasian tur. I purchased the hunt in 2011 at the GSCO convention auction. Stalker Group was gracious enough to donate the hunt so I also purchased a Kuban (Western) tur hunt. I figured while I was over there I might as well try for both of them! The hunt was scheduled for August 2012 but a health issue forces me to postpone it until 2013. Stalker Group was more than willing to let me reschedule the trip. I thank them for that.

Arriving in Moscow, I was greeted by EvgeniyKharitonov, my interpreter and travel companion for the next 26 days. I cannot say enough about him and all he did for me to make my hunts enjoyable and successful. After spending the night in Moscow, we began our trip to the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic by flying to Nalchik. We were met at the airport by Zaur, the head of the hunting department, who drove us to the base camp for the night. The next day we travelled by jeep to Tyrnauz, where we met the top game manager Adamey, and my two guides Kushtun And Jamal. After checking my rifle we packed the horses and walked up the mountain to the campsite, stopping on the way at Kushtun’s herder camp to have a delicious lunch that his wife Milek prepared for us.

Finishing our climb to the campsite, we set up tents and then went glassing for the evening. We saw three small rams at a mineral lick and spotted a group of 20 across the ravine. We decided that in the morning we would try to locate the group since there were some nice rams in it.

The next morning we walked for about four hours to a great vantage point to watch for the tur we had seen the night before. Spending all day there paid off, as we spotted two nice rams in the timber at 5 p.m. Approaching to 400 yards, I took the shot at the larger of the two. My Ovis World Slam was complete as I harvested a great nine-year-old tur scoring 141 SCI. A great trophy! We decided to let the guides go down and clean the ram and hang him in a tree for the night because daylight was fading and we had a long walk back to camp. The next day Kushtun and Jamal retrieved the tur and we broke camp and started down the mountain after taking pictures.

I cannot say enough good things about all the folk who helped me get my tur. They were a fun group to be with and they could not do enough for me. Again, my thanks to all of them. We spent the next three days at base camp arranging for the next hunt, since we had finished the first in two days! On September 7, we left for the Karachaevo-Cherkessiya Republic. It took me eight days to get the Kuban (Western) tur but I had managed to get both tur in one trip. Stalker Group went above and beyond what I thought they needed to do. Thank you Yuri, Anna and especially Evgeniy.

Susan has been a most prolific hunter for several years. It became clear to those in the GSCO office that she would eventually become a Triple Slammer. Now that has become a reality! With the introduction of the Super Ten, Super 25 and Super Slam by GSCO, we are now wondering if (but more so WHEN) Susan will get after those milestones. There are always the Super 20s, too. Susan is a great hunter and is obviously goal-oriented, and we are happy to report on her accomplishments.

Originally published at the Slam Quest #167.


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