MILESTONE. Capra Super 20. Susan Tuohy, October 2014

During a whirlwind trip to Europe and Asia in late 2014, Susan Tuohy (MI) was able to tale five different Capra species to reach the very prestigious Capra World Slam Super 20. Susan was the fourth lady to achieve the Triple Slam in September 2013: now she is only the fourth lady to reach the Capra World Slam Super 20.

The latest five species of Capras Susan took were the Pyrenean and Cantabrian chamois, along with the Mallorcan wild goat from Spain, plus she took the Caucasian сhamois from Russia and the Altai ibex from Russia. These five hunts started in late September and were completed by mid-October 2014. Susan summed up those hunts with the following report. But, before we get to the report, we must inform you that Susan and her Altai Ibex are on the cover photo for SLAM QUEST this time. We have never had an Altai ibex from Russia as a cover, and what a great trophy Susan got to be a part of the final push toward her amazing Capra World Slam Super 20. Now to her report:

I arrived in Moscow on October 7, 2014 and was met by my friend EvgeniyKharitonov, a representative for Stalker Group. I had hunted previously with him for my two tur I took in 2013. We waited around Moscow for a day as my good friend Walt Hunter was flying in from California and the two of us were going to hunt Altai ibex and Caucasian chamois together.

On October 9 we flew to Abakan where we were met by the top game manager Valery. After a long night and short nap we headed up the Enisey River for a 120-mile boat trip. Once at the base camp we settled in for some much needed sleep and were off in the morning seeking the ibex. Walt and I went our separate ways with Eugeniymyself and our guide Vasiliy. We traveled up the river for another 40 miles and then started our eight-hour hike up the mountains. Arriving at a trapper’s cabin, we settled in while Vasiliy went glassing. When he came back at dark he had spotted a good ibex he thought was worth going after in the morning. The next morning found us looking for that ibex, which we spotted after a couple of hours glassing. Although he was on the opposite mountain slope we decided to go after him. That afternoon we stalked within 70 yards of him and I had my Altai Ibex.

The next day we traveled back to the base camp where Walt was waiting, having shot his ibex the first day. After having to wait a couple of days for the boat, we were on our way back to Abakan to catch a flight to Moscow and Mineral’nyyeVody, eventually ending up in the village of Elbrussky on the Kuban River to hunt chamois. We hunted hard for two days without seeing chamois, but on the third day both Walt and I harvested chamois. This was a very tiring three weeks, but well worth the fun and enjoyment.

Originally published at the Slam Quest, #172.


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